Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s that time of year again, believe it or not, and we’re excited to help get you into the holiday spirit! We’ve got six naughty new stories for you, all Christmas-themed that will take the Bah from your Humbug.

Also, we have a brand new FREE story this month, “The Lord of Misrule by Sullivan Clarke” which you shouldn’t miss! Remember, this time next month, this story will be no longer free, so get it while you can!

We also don’t like to make you search high and low for other stories to get you into the holiday season with a good start, and so we’ve got all of our Christmas and Holiday stories available right here! But browse below so you can see those brand-new stories that will put that blush to your cheeks that should be there this time of year! Read the samples and get hooked!

Happy Holidays!

A NEW FREE STORY FOR DECEMBER, 2011!The Lord of MisruleSullivan Clarke

Was: 3.95

Now: Free! UNTIL December 31, 2011

Strong-willed Mary Cromwell is in love with a man who doesn’t know she exists, the handsome blonde servant, Edmund.  But Mary knows all about Edmund. She knows he’s different from the other servants, both in manner and appearance. She knows he’s strict, and when she takes to spying on him when he spanks his cousin her fascination only grows. Mary would love for Edmund to take her over his knee, but how can she get the attention of this straight-laced lad who respects the bounds of convention too much to even touch her.

Mary begins to scheme, but Edmund won’t be so easily tricked. Mary is ready to give up on her dream until the last night of Christmas festivities, when the Feast of Epiphany culminates in a surprise that will change everything.

Lots of hot action in this touching, historical tale sure to touch the heart of every spankable romantic.

Now a sequel to this story is available: An Unlikely Lord: The MacNaughton’s First Christmas by Sullivan Clarke! Click on the link to purchase! (Part of this week’s newsletter!)

Earning A Christmas Brideby Korey Mae Johnson$3.95When Edward Grimm awoke Christmas morning to find a beautiful young girl asleep on his couch, he knew his first ever year off the naughty list hadn’t been in vain. Her presence meant that last Christmas hadn’t been a dream, and that his life hadn’t changed for nothing. It meant he had another chance.

Last year, Faith Claus had done the unthinkable: she had snuck onto her father’s sleigh and visited the human city of London. She hadn’t gotten far that night—she fell right off a rooftop and onto the head of Edward Grimm: London’s most lecherous, womanizing bachelor.

After the most magical night Edward had ever spent with his clothes on, he had awoken to find her gone, and she had been hauled back to the North Pole for a strict chastisement from her loving father, Old Saint Nick.

Now, with the help of her magical siblings and an enchanted snow globe, Faith has returned, and unbeknownst to him, Edward has only the Twelve Days of Christmas to prove himself worthy of the most wonderful gift of his life. He will need both a good heart and a firm hand.

Size: 5 Chapters

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Holiday Heat, Volume Twoby Assorted Authors$4.95For the second time, we’ve compiled a listing of short Christmas-themed stories to heat up your holidays by a good selection of Blushing Authors!

The Director’s Christmas Present by Chula Stone: The director of the Christmas choir gets a gift, and the gift of advice from an older member of the choir who has a good idea on how to get his be his intended wife to stop chatting it up with her friend at every practice… And her friend learns her own lesson from her own husband, as well.

Fighting Angels by Danielle Smith: When Alicia becomes an assistant director to stern director Michael’s Christmas Revue, her “Angels”, the girls of her school, end up not the only ones getting paddled for their lack of discipline. But when Alicia accepts Michael’s punishment… Will it lead to something more

Just What She Needed by Polly Cater: Molly doesn’t know what’s wrong, but she feels that something is. She feels the emotions boil up inside of her, without any chance of release… Until she lashed out on her husband in front of his family. She feels there’s no way this marriage can work… she’s too unhappy. But can her new husband’s plan on how to deal with her bad behavior and emotions be exactly what she needs this Christmas?

Naughty or Nice by Vicki Blue: Virginia is surprised when her boss seems to have the same kink she has… Which he divulges when he admits he checked her naughty search history on her computer…

Christmas Past and Present by Joey Chandler: Three years after the death of her husband, Laura got together with her childhood crush and is finally introducing him to her family over Christmas dinner… But the prep for the event is turning her bratty, and Ryan’s not beyond dealing with her brattiness by turning her over his knee… And then bringing her to bed for some Christmas fun…

It’s A Wonderful Spanking! By Monica Vale: Georgia is getting spanked on Christmas Eve, and is pouting about it. She wishes that she had never agreed to let her husband spank her… And because it’s Christmas Eve, she gets to find out what her life would now be like if she never agreed to it. Let’s just say, she ends up realizing that spanking leads to a wonderful life!

Size: 6 Short Stories

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An Unlikely Lord: The MacNaughton’s First Christmas by Sullivan Clarke$3.95Nearly a year has passed since Lord MacNaughton revealed that Edmund Leeds, a servant in the Cromwell household, was actually his unclaimed son. This revelation paved the way for Mary Cromwell to marry the handsome, strict servant she’d secretly falling in love with. But now that they are the new Lord and Lady MacNaughton, they face a new set of challenges. Edmund is as strict a disciplinarian as ever, which keeps Mary on pins and needles.

And as their first Epiphany season as husband and wife approach, Edmund’s mother still has not spoken to him. This, coupled with the death of the father who’d just claimed him, brings sadness to Edmund. When Mary decides that the best gift she could give her husband is a reunion with his mother, she realizes the only way to make this happen is to defy him and set out alone to search the village. Will her journey be worth the risk? Or can defiance be overlooked for the greater good?

This is a sequel to “The Lord of Misrule: An Epiphany Story” by Sullivan Clarke (which happens to be this month’s free story)!
Size: 5 Chapters

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Figgy Puddingby Melinda Barron$3.95Book editor Alice Forrester has lost her job, and now she’s about to lose her home, too. At the suggestion of a friend she decides to pack up her belongings and start over in England, staying in the friend’s flat free of charge while she gets back on her feet. When she arrives, Alice meets banker Preston Walsh, and there is an instant attraction between the two.

Preston says it’s fate, and while Alice is inclined to agree with him, she’s still a little skeptical about how fast things are moving between them. Still, she gives herself over to her desires to have Preston in her life, and learns she has new needs, including the wonderful spankings Preston delivers. Alice discovers a new life in Britain, and that taking a risk can bring about great happiness, delivered along with her Christmas figgy pudding.
Size: 5 Chapters

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Santa Simonby Joannie Kay$3.95After Nellie’s sister and brother-in-law died, she quit her job at the academy to become a full-time parent to their two little girls. Six months later, Simon, her brother-in-law’s brother, showed up at the doorstep, and wants custody of his nieces since the rancher (past-gunslinger) had just heard of his brother’s death.

Even though Simon has legal custody of the girls, someone had been intercepting his mail for the last three years, leaving his family to think he’d died, but he wants his nieces at home on the ranch, but their feisty aunt keeps them from his reach, and puts up a lawsuit.

So isn’t it a surprise when the judge decrees a ruling that makes them realize that the best thing is to marry and provide a home for the girls… But can Nellie live out west? Will they ever become a true husband and wife, or will they butt heads forever?
Size: 5 Chapters

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A Christmas Holidayby Laurel Joseph$3.95Anne Lambert was in terrible trouble and she had no one to turn to… except Laney Coddington Sawyer. Laney disliked her, but for some unknown reason Laney and her husband Seth agreed to give her a place to hide from her evil step-father. Anne wasn’t sure they would meet the stage, but they did, and Anne was promised protection. She is shocked when she discovers that Laney is spanked by her husband!

Anne didn’t count on Mr. Grundy finding her so quickly, and neither did Seth or Harvey Coddington, who was left for dead with three bullets in him. The three men hired by Grundy to kidnap Anne were full of threats and delighted in terrorizing her as they took her farther and farther away from the Circle C Ranch. Seth tracked the group, hoping he could get to Anne in time to save her. He didn’t know that someone else was following them, too, Anne’s red hair leading White Eagle to believe it was Laney who was kidnapped.

Anne uses the Derringer that Laney taught her to use, but is shocked when she is presented with an even worse fate… A Comanche brave! She shoots and White Eagle and then slaps him, and learns that he also believes in spanking!
Size: 6 Chapters

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