Honor and Obey: cherished words from the past, and ones that can be difficult to live by. Relationships are difficult at times, and arguments or bitter feelings can often result in the destruction of love. What if an alternative lifestyle could change everything? What if love and trust can be reborn, wrapped in a blanket of obedience? Will the couples take the chance in the hope of saving their love?

Her Symbol
Her Submission
Her Acceptance

Three couples. Three stories of heartache. Three reasons to learn to honor and obey.

Do they have what it takes?

Publisher’s Note: These steamy love stories include elements of power exchange.

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Chapter One


Dawn Ramone suppressed a dark chuckle as she strutted out of the elevator. She pushed the now very damp strands of hair from her face and dragged the tip of her index finger around her mouth. When she held her finger into the light, she grinned. The lipstick had been applied perfectly. As she walked past the receptionist desk she was surprised there was no one around, no teeming activity for the relatively famous marketing firm, the one that had just garnered several significant clients. She was happy for a change, determined to take the evening to a delicious edge, perhaps debauchery. Now she laughed. When did the sinful word enter her vocabulary?

As she neared the opening leading to her husband’s office, she fiddled with the single tie on her raincoat. Oh, she was a fashion statement all right. Wearing heels affectionately called ‘fuck me’ pumps, thigh highs, a bare slip of a thong and matching crimson bra and the tan rain coat three sizes too large, the look screamed seduction. The coat, however, gave her the willies. She didn’t even own anything beige, brown, or any shade of tan in her wardrobe. Yuck. Well, okay, the conservative folk Derek worked with probably wouldn’t appreciate the fact she was locked and loaded—with a dildo, anal plug and nipple clamps.

A fit of laugher threatening to give her away, she hovered against the wall until the giggles passed. This was a surprise, one she certainly knew her rather dower husband wouldn’t anticipate. A dark swell of uncertainty entered her mind. Would he appreciate it? Would he care she was pushing her own boundaries? Would he fucking give a shit? Sniffing, she darted a quick glance down at her wardrobe. If the motherfucker didn’t care then she’d take her five-foot-eleven-inch frame to the streets, or a club, or… Right. As if she’d venture into something wicked at her age.

The thought startled her. Her age? Jesus. There was no way she was going to continue thinking this way. Nerves were kicking her in the ass. This wasn’t going to happen. This was merely his birthday and she was giving him a very special gift. Mmm. She hadn’t given him a blowjob in… Christ. She couldn’t even remember when the last time had been and she loved sucking cock. The thought of swirling her tongue around his shaft, licking and sucking his balls gave her a series of shivers. Why had they gone so long without engaging in something carnal? Maybe their arguing had everything to do with lack of sex. Sex? What the hell was that?

Beads of perspiration trickled down the back of her neck the closer she came to his door. Without a doubt Derek was going to be shocked. She never, ever did something so impetuous in her life now and certainly being a wicked girl in the past had been fleeting. No matter how many times her hubby had tried to get her to walk on the wild side, give him a naughty dance or taste the concept of sex in public, she’d balked. Why? Who the fucking hell knew? Now she was ready to shed the mask, the ridiculous persona that didn’t allow her to indulge in dark and heinous proclivities. Yep. She was ready and randy all right.

Her nerves abated, she tossed her hair as she landed just in front of his closed door. A quick look over her shoulder and she knew she was very much alone. Her fingers fumbled, worked overtime, then brought success to untying the sash. When she shimmied out of the ugly cloak she felt exhilarated, her skin tingling with excitement. There was nothing like adding a hint of danger to a dead relationship to kick up the heat. The thought she’d been pushing into the far and unyielding recesses of her mind for months.

Playtime? Yes, just what the doctor ordered. Dawn adjusted the bra, pushing up her breasts until they were just so. Then she adjusted the damn string shoved into the crack of her ass, cussing the very creation of thong panties, and placed one hand on her hip. Very tentatively she reached out with the other until her fingers connected with the door handle, the thick metal very cold in her hand. After saying a few quiet words to herself she turned the knob, plastering a ‘come fuck me’ smile on her face.

“Oh, I know what you like. I can please you in every way, no matter what you ask of me. Tell me, how hot do you like your slaves, Master?”

The words cooed, they echoed in Dawn’s ears as her mind and eyes tried to adjust, drinking in the moment of treachery. The girl, the fucking babe in Toyland girl, had her hand firmly planted deep inside her husband’s pants. And there was no doubt what Derek was thinking, wanting, needing, feeling, desiring, given the hard bulge and the look of pure ecstasy on his face. She said nothing but knew by the quick snap of his head, the way his eyes attempted to focus, that he realized she was there. Oh, he knew all right.

There were no words needed to summarize the fuck up of their marriage. This was the end and there would never, ever be any going back.

The sound of the reverberating door was somehow comforting as well as cathartic. Fuck the thong.


“Do you understand why you’re being punished?”

The words were said with a deep command, one Dawn rarely heard. Her body jerked as the memory of the ugly afternoon, one that had forever changed their marriage, remained like a dull echo, a vivid picture. “What?”

“I asked if you realized why you’re being punished.”

Dawn shifted, realizing her entire body was limp, perspiration sliding down just about every portion of her body. Her mind had drifted to an earlier event, a moment in time that had set a difficult course. Dreams and memories she loathed. “Yes, sir.” This was another time and place and they were trying to save what little could be saved. Yeah, they were trying.

“I have to tell you, you shocked me. I have no idea why you acted out,” Derek said through clenched teeth. “In such an egregious fashion. Why? You could have gotten yourself killed. I’ve never seen you act out this way. Never. Why?”


“Ooh.” She knew why. Of course, she knew why. Killed? Well, the words were a little extreme, but she understood the sentiment. The reason was muddled in her mind. Another memory rushed to the surface. She’d seen the damn girl, the bitch who pretty much destroyed what little had been left of her marriage, at the grocery store right before she’d zoomed out of the parking lot, nearly taking the stop sign with her. Not that the perky bitch had recognized who she was. Nope. Dawn had known instantaneously by the hairs standing up on the back of her neck the little slut was right there selecting bags from the candy aisle. As if the skinny slut ever indulged in chocolate.

“Do you?”

Slap! Crack!

“Yes, sir.” Things had changed. Their relationship had shifted after time; several conversations, tears and so much heartache.

“I know you want to obey. I know.”

His voice was soothing, the inflection full of command, yet strained.

Just like their marriage. Just like her life. Dawn bit her lip and knew this was in her best interest. Spankings. Yes, they were and Derek was thriving on being in command. “Oh yes, sir.”

“And I’m committed to helping you obey, no matter what it takes. I’ll guide you and train you.”

Honor and obey. Honor and obey. The thought left her with a myriad of thoughts, so much emotion. But she’d never wanted anything more in her life but, how could she? How could she dare take a chance again? Relax and breathe. You can do this. This is best. Wasn’t it?


“Ooh.” Dear God, the spanking hurt like hell tonight. Dawn shivered, her body jerking involuntarily. She was trying to obey, doing everything she could to remain still, but the whipping was much harsher than she’d anticipated. “I’ll be good. I promise.” She was shocked how the words escaped her mouth so quickly. He wasn’t angry any longer, merely frustrated with her. He refused to discipline her in anger. Tonight, she was thankful. Even the way he looked at her was different, his eyes full of sadness. Granted, this reconciliation was tentative at best and making such a change in their lifestyle was… There were no words. None.

“You will learn, but I don’t think that lying to me about getting a speeding ticket is going to help. Do you?” Derek asked quietly as he rubbed her naked ass. “The one aspect necessary, if we’re going to work, is trust.” The last word seemed to strangle in his throat.

There was nothing worse than her husband’s tone of voice, the one that said in no uncertain terms how disappointed he was in her. Okay, so she was in herself. But offering up the word trust was blasphemous. Trust was earned. Trust involved respect. Trust was… Yep. She’d broken the trust too. Getting the ticket had been just about the dumbest thing she’d done in a long time. Then she’d argued with the cop. That ugly little fact she refused to tell Derek. If she told him she had to literally beg her way out of being arrested? Shivering, she clenched her eyes shut. What in the hell was wrong with her? Her spanking was severe enough. What Derek didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt. She knew she’d been acting out still, trying perhaps to garner her husband’s attention. The ‘why’ was the pain remaining deep in her gut.

“Did you hear what I asked you?”

Whap! Crack! Pop!

Jesus Christ, the spanking hurt more than normal. Her entire system was on fire, electricity coursing through every cell in her body. Lurching, she shifted and shoved her arms out, a silent scream pushing past her lips. “Yes. I… I…” The ragged pant was laced with agony. She almost laughed as she bit down on her lower lip. For a few seconds, she tried to remember exactly why they’d entered into a domestic discipline relationship in the freaking first place. Wasn’t a regular plain old-fashioned vanilla lifestyle good enough? The short answer? Hell no. Nothing had worked between them in years. They’d been broken, hurt and this was a last-ditch effort to save what she’d tossed into the toilet only weeks before.

“Yes?” His voice dipped, the tone husky.

“Yes, sir.” Dear God, she had such trouble offering the simple sign of respect. Then again, she’d never had to even as a child. This was so new, so in your face and she was failing miserably at pretty much every aspect. All of the conversations and every moment shared regarding being an obedient wife and she still couldn’t obey. Maybe her inner psyche was refusing to. Shit. She was punishing him still. Of course. She’d taken enough psychology classes to recognize her own behavior. Derek deserved to be hurt the way she’d been.

“Better. You’re going to learn and I’m here to help you. I want you to be able to let go, to understand why I’m disciplining you.” Derek’s voice remained controlled but soft and nurturing.

“Yes, sir.”

Pop! Crack!

The way his hand hit her backside, the intensity of the raw emotions flashing through her was completely unexpected. A tear slipped from her eye, trickling past her eyelashes. Why was this so difficult? She watched in silence when the tear hit the floor as the conversation, the one in which they’d both made the conscious decision to enter into something they both had no freaking clue about, invaded her mind. This will be a new beginning, a reawakening of our marriage. Hmm.

“I’m very disappointed,” Derek said quietly.

Crack! Slap!

The truth was, Dawn was upset with herself. She sucked in her breath as the spanking continued and all she could concentrate on was the memory of being spanked as a child, the humiliation, the moments before the spanking began when she couldn’t breathe.

Derek rubbed her ass, his hand moving in slow and even circles. “I know this is rough on you. Christ, this is tough on both of us.”

The angst in his voice was stilling. “Yes.” Every single aspect about what they were sharing had shifted into some wow factor. Moving away from the traditional way they’d dated and shared information, learning about each other in ways neither had any thought of initially had been…

Whap! Crack!

“Shit!” Moaning, she squirmed. Yes, this was new and weird as well as exciting and so many other thoughts she couldn’t wrap her mind around. Still. All the talks and all the angst and she was a freaking mess. She was no longer certain she could do this any longer.

“No cursing.” Derek’s voice was quiet as he caressed her ass, his hand rubbing toward the small of her back.

No cursing. No lying. Never forget to tell him where I am ever. These were the three most important rules. And she’d broken all of them in one huge hit. She always felt a quiet peace when he touched her back, his fingers rubbing her skin. Tingling, she closed her eyes. “I’m so sorry, sir.”

“I know you are and I want you to know how much I love you.” Exhaling, Derek rubbed the small of her back. “I really do. In truth, I love you more now than I ever have. I just… Well, what we’re doing is important. I want us to be very open with each other. We have to talk, share our feelings.”

“I know. What I feel inside is amazing. I’m sorry I’m struggling so much.” Open. Is that why he’d been so open with another woman? No, she’d promised she wouldn’t go down this path again. Nothing happened. Not really. They were here together, learning and growing.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll work together. Only five more then we’re done.”


Minutes later he helped her off his lap, easing her on top of his legs and wrapping his arms around her. “You did very well. I’m so proud of you.”

While she wasn’t crying, her emotions were raw, her thoughts skipping all over the place. Even her stomach was churning. Sniffing, she pressed her face into his chest, savoring the comfort of his arms. “Thank you, sir.” Saying the very word continued to chill her. She’d never said the word ‘sir’ to anyone in her life, including her father. Respect was something earned and shown by her in an entirely different manner. She’d learn. At least that’s what Derek reminded her, especially after a session of discipline. Easing back, she sat on his lap and could tell his eyes held more questions than answers, but tonight had been cathartic for both of them.

Taking just the tip of his index finger, he wiped under both eyes. “You did very well.” He leaned his head down, capturing her mouth.

The kiss was gentle, loving and her legs began to shake. Snaking her arm around his neck, she clung to him, her old insecurities fighting against the new woman. Closing her eyes, she parted her lips as his tongue pushed deep inside, exploring the deep recesses of her mouth. The man could kiss like no other and her pussy clenched with need, her nipples swelling to the point they ached. The feel of his hard cock pressing against her bruised ass was scintillating.

He broke the kiss and nipped her bottom lip as he brushed his hand down the side of her neck to her breast. Cupping and squeezing, he grunted as he dipped her back into an arc, licking down to her shoulder blade. “Beautiful. Willful.”

“Mmm.” She lolled her head back, giving him full control. As he pinched her nipple, twisting the tender flesh, she yelped. Every part of her body was tingling, longing to have him fuck her savagely. Ever since they’d started this new phase she was hungry, sex more powerful than ever before.

Derek moved his mouth over her other nipple, sucking as he dug his nails into her back.

She swallowed hard as he alternated between giving her pleasure and pain, the dichotomy making her pant. Slipping her hand between them she moved toward his groin, longing to stroke him.

Grunting, he grabbed her hand. “Tonight, I take what I want.”

The words commanding, she shivered from the authoritative tone. Never would she have imagined he could take this level of control or that she’d want nothing more than to submit. “I want to give you everything, submit to you completely.”

“Good.” In one swift move, he eased her onto her back on the bed and pushed her legs up and open wide. He leaned over, pressing his outstretched index finger over her lips. “If you’re a very good girl I’m going to eat you.”

The words caught her off guard and she merely nodded, giving him a mischievous look. She wrapped her arms around her legs, pulling them open even wider as he blew hot air all the way down from her mouth to her neck, her stomach and finally to her groin.

“I want you wet and hot at all times.” Easing onto the floor he gazed down at her pussy. “You are wet for me, aren’t you?”

“God, yes.” When he thrust two fingers inside her pussy she moaned and jerked up from the bed.

“Yes, you are. Very good.” Very slowly he lowered his head until he was able to drag the tip of his tongue around her clit.

Dawn shifted, lifting her ass off the bed.

“Open your pretty pussy lips for me.”

“Yes, sir.” She watched in amazement as he licked from her clit all the way down, sucking on her pussy lips. “Shi…” The curse word almost escaping, she wrinkled her nose when he gave her an admonishing look.

“Bad girl.” Using the same two fingers he slapped her pussy several times.

“Oh.” The move was unexpected and the slice of real pain sent another round of tears into her eyes. She smiled as he lowered his head, replacing the pain with his wet mouth, licking and sucking on her skin. For a few seconds, she concentrated on the whirling ceiling fan as he licked and she fell into the rhythm, lulled by his expert mouth.

“Mmm. You taste damn good.”

Another series of hard slaps across her pussy brought her out of her state of bliss. She yelped and almost closed her legs.

“Keep them open for me or I’ll spank you again,” Derek growled as he tapped her on the ass.

Once again, she widened her legs, offering him every inch of her. She’d never felt so exposed in her life. As the combination continued for at least ten minutes, she was shocked how many times he’d brought her to the brink of an orgasm then pulled back. She was hot and wet all over, her heart racing.

“Do you need to come?” His voice was husky, seductive.

“Yes, sir. I…” Dawn had a hard time coming whether by mouth or by toys, and had only come once with a man buried inside.

“Hold until I tell you.” Derek sucked on her tissue as he thrust several fingers deep inside her pussy.

The combination was almost too much. Wait. How the hell was she supposed to be… A shiver raced down her body. She knew she was close. Way too close. Holy fuck. “Sir… I…”

“Hold on. Don’t come yet.”

She tossed her head back and forth, her body jerking. This was crazy. This was intense. This was an attempt to right so many wrongs.

He seemed to sense she couldn’t hold back and raised his head briefly. “Come now.”

For the first time in perhaps her entire adult life she came so violently she gasped for air. “Fuck!” Dear God, a curse word. Jerking up from the bed she heard the strangled cries coming from what had to be her mouth. The climax turned into a wave, driving her into pure nirvana.

Derek continued to lick her, his mouth and tongue working in unison with his fingers.

Seconds later she lay exhausted, panting from the experience. “God.” She was cognizant of his fingers slapping her pussy and this time pain washed into intense bliss. Seconds later she licked sweat off her upper lip.

He hovered over her, kissing her lips once. “You enjoyed?”

“Yes. Oh yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, go stand in the corner for a little while so you can reflect on what happened.”

Stand in the corner. Great. She was a child. She couldn’t help it but this time maybe he should be standing in the corner. She did as she was told, being the obedient wife. As she pressed her nose into the corner, she shuddered. Life had been far too difficult, too demanding. She no longer had any clear aspect of what or why they were bothering. As she contemplated the last few years, tears slipped down her cheeks.