Dear Customers of Blushing Books:
This is a reminder from an email we sent a few weeks back.
As most of you know Blushing Books moved their store to a new store e-commerce platform last summer.   Unfortunately, simultaneously with our moving the store, the e-commerce provider was sold to a much larger company located overseas.  Our new relationship has not, to say the least, worked out the way we had expected and hoped.
Furthermore, many of you – our customers – have come to us, frustrated with the new store.   Overall, we’ve heard you loud and clear:  you liked the old store better.   While we hate to have another disruption, we have made the decision to move back to our old store platform, and we’ve had a programmer hard at work upgrading this old platform to a newer faster platform.
Our current store currently continues to work with no issues, but books purchased between August 1 (when this new store opened) and when the store closes (within a week, two at most) WILL NOT be in user libraries when the new site is launched.  While we are still looking for a work-around and hope this will not be the case, we are advising all customers now that is is likely.   Furthermore, new customers who have register on the current site will have to re-register when the new sites is completed.
We realize that most of you automatically download books as soon as you buy them, but occasionally, particularly with larger orders, customers might only download one book at a time as they are ready to read.
Customers should verify that any purchases made between August 1, 2017 and the present date are downloaded and backed up to their computers.  
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  We’re hopeful that once we’re back on the old platform things will be back to normal shortly.
If you need any help downloading your purchases oother concerns, please contact Susan at: .
Blushing Books