Win an iPad Mini courtesy of Blushing Books and the “Hero Undercover” box set.

Everyone likes winning, right?  And what’s better than a “win?”


And what’s better than that?


Right now, Blushing Books is offering an amazing box set of 25 novellas entitled ” Hero Undercover.  This collection features your favorite bestselling authors including, Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Jane Henry, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly.

Stories range from 12K to 35K, and the whole collection is well over 400,000 words of stories featuring a wide variety of tastes and genres from Old West to futuristic sci-fi.

And how is it a win-win?  Well, first, the entire collection is right now (until Sunday, July 2) ONLY 99cents.  Why so low?  Because your favorite Blushing authors are trying hard to become USA Today bestsellers, and by offering this great promotional price we have a chance of selling enough books to achieve that goal.  So it’s a win for you, the reader, because you get enough short material to have twenty-five great bedtime reads for just 99 cents.


In order to make the list, the authors need to achieve at least 500 sales on the smaller retailers Barnes & Noble and iTunes. That’s where you come in.

Buy the collection on at least two sites, and go to this LINK to attach screenshots of your purchases.  From these entries, one person will win an IPad Mini!

And really – it’s a win-win-win because Blushing Books is donating all profits from the series to two law enforcement related charities.   So your 99 cents is a donation to charities on top of everything else.

Win!  – Help your favorite Blushing authors!

Win! – Win an iPad mini!

Win! – Contribute $1.98 to two very worthwhile law-enforcement charities!


Now available for $0.99 at the following online retailers:


Amazon | Barnes & Noble |  Apple iBooks


This promotion is open to U.S. Residents only. No purchase necessary to win. For a full list of rules, click here.