Iver, The Bear King

I am the new king of the Wood Lords but I’ve been taught well by my father. I respect my people and do my best to take care of them all. Our seer has foretold a new destiny for my people and the people of the Willow Kye. Princess Illayda is my fated mate. I’ve watched her from afar for years; she is beautiful and full of fire. I’m happy with this change of events. But will she feel the same?

Princess Illayda

I can’t believe I accidentally crossed the border into the land of the Wood Lords. The Bear King is nothing like the stories that are told, he is so much more. He is brave, handsome and cares for his people well. When he tells me I may not return to my people because I belong to him, he has another thing coming. Is escape possible? Or do I want to stay with him?

Publishers Note: This steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of fantasy, action, adventure and power exchange.

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“I have eyes everywhere. I knew what you were up to. I am just shocked your family never noticed your devious excursions. I cannot imagine anyone entering or exiting my village unnoticed or unreported. Allow this to be your warning.” He kissed her neck then, unable to control his desire completely. “You, of all the people under my protection, will never simply slip away undetected even if you concoct a plan you deem fool proof. It would be best to lay those thoughts to rest before they get you into the kind of trouble you can’t pull yourself out of.” Kissing her neck again, the hairs on the back of her neck rose to attention as he murmured, “I have punishments for naughty girls who break my rules and you won’t like them.”

When he kissed her earlobe, Illayda would have been lying if she said Iver’s closeness wasn’t affecting her. A tightening just below her belly, made her feel almost like she was wetting herself. Closing her eyes, she allowed the pleasurable sensation of his tongue to mute the racing thoughts going on in her chaotic mind. Her nipples hardened, almost hurting from the binding that wrapped about her to hide their presence.

Iver grew daring as he felt her relax into his advances. Running a hand down her arm, he slowly began to undo the ties at the back of the shirt that kept her chest clothed. Illayda made no protest, admitting to herself that it felt better to give in to these feelings right now. Her fight was almost exhausted.

When it fell to the floor, his mouth was back to the softest parts of her neck, and he reached down to lift her to his chest. Her legs wrapped about his torso as he pinned her against a wall that was hard and helped him to keep her suspended. His lips worked their way to her chin and back slowly to capture her mouth in a kiss that was finally returned.

Illayda felt his large hands roaming over her body, squeezing her ass, and cupping the breasts still hidden. It was wrong, her brain screamed. This was so wrong! Yet, somehow, she continued to allow herself to feel so good in his arms.

Drawing his lips away purposefully, Illayda moaned her displeasure.

Iver set her to her feet and moved away, while reining in his own hunger for more.

While Illayda had never known a man, instinctively she did know there was more that was supposed to happen to bring a satisfaction from such a powerful attraction. Vulnerable, in her undressed state, he stood with his arms crossed.

“That is a taste of the pleasure you can have when you please me. Can you deny your body responded explosively to my touch, Illayda?” Iver asked, deliberately.