Jailed Little Jade by Allison West

With a crappy ex-husband and a new lease on life, Jade Brooks moves to Spring Mills for a fresh start. What she gets is far more than she bargained for when Holden Foster shows up at her door.
He’s hot, dominating, and harbors a secret of intergalactic proportion.
When Jade is invited over to share a meal with Holden, she’s grateful for the company and a new friendship. Her curiosity gets the better of her when she finds a package on his counter and he tells her genuinely to open it up and see what was delivered.
The cylinder, a device that travels through time and space, opens a portal and leads Jade and her new sexy friend to a prison colony on his home planet of Adair, where spankings are a regular occurrence and age regression is a requirement for jailed women to rehabilitate within the system.
Given no choice but to become a little one, Jade must face a nanny with a firm hand, Holden as her poppa, and a blossoming relationship that is against the rules.
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A Promise of Passion Box Set by Maggie Carpenter

A PROMISE OF PASSION Act One: Saved by Submission 
Supermodel Vivien McKay is engaged to Robson Parker-Jones, a wealthy British Viscount. Does her heart stop when he kisses her, or goosebumps spring to life at his touch? Not exactly, but she has decided such thrilling delights live only on the pages of romance novels, until he introduces her to the artist he has commissioned to paint her portrait. Suddenly her world is turned upside-down.
His name is Dominic Dubois, and staring into his dark, mesmerizing eyes, she feels a burning blush cross her face, and a strange sensation in her stomach. Dominic is equally captivated by the beauty in front of him, and the sparks firing between them are impossible to ignore.
When he tells her that to paint her, he must know her, she is thrilled that she can spend time with him under the guise of the portrait. Little does she know that Dominic harbors a taste for the darker side of erotic passion, and when he senses she may have secret submissive yearnings, he feels compelled to show her the truth of her nature.
Robson, however, is not a man to be crossed, and Vivien has committed to a future with him that offers a lavish lifestyle only a fortunate few enjoy. Can she turn her back on such a prize, and what will happen if Robson discovers the artist he has hired, is falling in love with his fiance?
A PROMISE OF PASSION Act Two: The Dominant’s Dilemma 
It has been almost a year since Vivien has been in Dominic’s arms, and standing in the airport terminal waiting for his flight to arrive, she can only hope the magic they once shared will still spark between them.
Dominic is arriving with hope in his heart, but he is also carrying some exciting news, news that could bring Vivien back into the glamorous world she was forced to leave behind when tragedy struck. It comes from Gustav, the hot, young designer who rocketed her to fame with his ‘Spank Me Now’ clothing line, but the opportunity also involves one of England’s wealthiest citizens, Harry Harrison, a man known to do whatever it takes, to get what he wants.
Will Vivien decide to interview for the job? If she does, she’ll be competing against a supermodel, a fiery woman who goes by a single name, Alana, and she is as scheming, manipulative, and as underhanded as Harry Harrison himself.
Dominic knows his spanking hand will be necessary to keep Vivien in check, especially around a provocative spitfire like Alana, and Harry Harrison, no stranger to the world of BDSM, is more than capable of handling a difficult diva. He owns a Chateau in France, dedicated to the dark side of passion.
Will Vivien and Dominic be able to rekindle their love? Will Alana seek to cause trouble between them? Does Harry Harrison’s harbor a hidden agenda, and if he does, what is it, and who does it involve?
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