Available March 24th

Beaumont Falls is home to some sexy dominant men, who don’t hesitate to turn a girl over their knee when needed. The Keller family is complicated. The brothers have very different lives, but their underlying values remain. The man is in charge in the relationship.

Jacob Keller, youngest brother to Jordan Keller, left the small town of Beaumont Falls for Nashville as soon as he could, to escape the notorious reputation of his motorcycle club family and the death of a childhood friend. His dreams put him on a path for greatness, and his career exploded catapulting him into superstardom. When the latest tour comes to an end, Jake decides to head back to Beaumont Falls for a break from the spotlight. That’s when he meets the new girl in town Whitney Blithe.

Whitney is shy, sweet and submissive, just what Jake had been looking for when he was sleeping his way through model’s and actresses. She isn’t into the fame and the fortune, and appreciates the simpler lifestyle that Jake has been looking for in a wife. The only flaw that Jake can see, is her profession. He hates the press, and she’s a reporter for The Beaumont Gazette.  In typical Jake style, he makes it work to his advantage, but soon realizes things may not be as smooth sailing as they seem. An obsessive fan is stalking them, and Whitney is keeping a secret that she should have been honest about from day one.

Can the stalker be identified before Jake or Whitney is seriously harmed, and if they survive that, can Whitney survive the punishment Jake has in mind for not being honest with him about why she came to Beaumont Falls in the first place?