What the hell? I’ve returned from deployment to discover that my wife has a secret. Apparently, my sweet spouse has started writing naughty books for a living.
Unbeknownst to her, I’ve read them all, so I know she likes her men strong, commanding, and completely in charge. She’s also a bit of a voyeur.
Now that I know what she desires, her fantasies and mine are about to become a reality. We’ll see if Melanie is ready for my rules. Ready or not, she will get what she needs…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange



“Should I wait in the truck?” Melanie asked as Jason pulled in to Rick and Janie’s driveway. He was pleased to hear her asking his opinion rather than just taking charge. Domestic discipline was changing their lives and not just in the bedroom. She was looking to him to lead, and he couldn’t be happier.


“No, baby girl. Like you said, we are early. We don’t want them to feel rushed.”


As they strolled up the walkway hand in hand, Jason was happy to see that the window nearest them was slightly ajar and the curtains were only half closed allowing a clear view into Rick and Janie’s bedroom. Things were just as Rick and he had discussed. So their plan was obviously a go.


“Oh yeah, baby, just like that. Squeeze Daddy’s cock with your pussy. Harder. Harder.” These were the words that Jason and Melanie heard drifting from that window as they approached the front door, causing them both to look into the bedroom of their best friends.


Melanie was spellbound by the sight they beheld. Clear as day, they were witnessing their friends fucking. Rick was taking Janie doggy style on their bed. The profile view of the couple allowed them to see Janie’s red bottom, clearly as a result of a protracted spanking.


“Harder, Daddy. Please take me deeper,” Janie called out to her husband.


Slapping her bottom several times before responding, Rick replied, “Does my little girl need every inch of her daddy’s cock?”


“Yes, Daddy, yes,” Janie pleaded.


Hearing Rick’s balls slapping against Janie’s slick pussy told both Jason and Melanie that he was fully complying with his wife’s request.

Suddenly, Melanie roused from her hypnotic trance and looked at Jason. “We should go,” she mouthed soundlessly.


Wrapping his arm around her from the rear, Jason pulled her into his chest and laid his chin on her shoulder. Whispering in her ear, he murmured, “Do you like to watch?” Jason wasn’t sure how honest she was going to be. After all, admitting that voyeurism turns you on isn’t exactly easy, even to someone you have been married to for a long time.

“Yes, sir,” she said breathlessly. Her words had been quiet, but they were loud enough to get Rick and Janie’s attention. Without missing a beat, they both looked up with smiles on their faces, meeting Jason and Melanie’s stares.


“Don’t look away, baby girl. I want you to watch as Rick fucks Janie’s wet pussy. Watch them both find their pleasure.” Both couples stared at each other as Rick picked up his pace, pounding Janie harder and harder while mixing in slaps on his wife’s very red ass.


“Does it make you hot? Is your pussy as wet as Janie’s?” Jason continued whispering into Melanie’s ear. “Because I am so hot for you right now. As soon as I get you inside, I am going to take you against the kitchen counter just like he is taking Janie.”


When Melanie turned to look at Jason to object, he slapped her pussy. Even through the padding of her dress and her panties, he made an impact. “Don’t look away.”


Melanie found herself mesmerized by the look of arousal on Janie’s face and the movement of her breasts as Rick pounded into her red ass. Janie was fully aware that they were being watched, yet she didn’t shy away from the situation. She embraced it. Melanie wondered where she found the courage.


Author Bio

A New Yorker, born and bred, Natalie Holly is a wife, mother, and young grandmother who loves to share her daydreams with the world via the written word. In addition, she enjoys dancing, reading, taking road trips, rock wall climbing, and hiking. But whatever she does, Natalie enjoys taking a big bite out of life with a smile on her face.

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