Jessie Mills and her brother, Jake, have worked and saved all their lives to buy a small ranch. Their savings, with a small inheritance from their father, has bought them their dream, Dusty Dreams Ranch. But soon after they move onto the ranch, Jake is deployed to Afghanistan, where he dies a hero’s death after barely a month. Jessie is determined to make the ranch what they dreamed of, but she is frozen with indecision on how to do it.

Until one day, a stranger comes to her door, a stranger who turns out to be Jake’s best friend from the Army, Brady Jensen. Brady is bringing a letter to Jessie from her brother, a letter that explains to her that Brady has promised him that he will manage the ranch until it is up and running. Jake knew that Jessie would be lost without him and he set a plan in motion for her.

He asked her to promise to carry out his plan, so Jessie agrees to let Brady take over the ranch. Sparks soon fly between the two of them, and Brady discovers that when Jake told him he would have to use a firm hand, he had been right. In time, Jessie comes to trust Brady, and the attraction between the two of them grows stronger and stronger.

Brady is in love with Jessie, but he knows she is still grieving for her brother, so he waits. When the man who thinks that Jessie rejected him becomes increasingly threatening, Brady vows to protect her. But when the hate-filled man abducts her and promises to have his way with her before he kills her, can Brady save her? Can the whole town save her? Will Jessie get the chance to tell Brady that she loves him?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action filled contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange.


  In one quick movement, Brady pulled out his chair and jerked Jessie across his lap. She gasped in shock and began struggling to get up. Brady held her firmly and swatted her butt hard. She squirmed and kicked and loosed a string of curse words at him while he smacked her with his big, hard hand. The harder she struggled, the harder he spanked her. Each smack felt more like a paddle than a hand, setting her bottom on fire. She yelled and cussed at him, ordering him to stop. 

   Brady said, “You act like a brat, you get treated like a brat. Jake told me I’d end up having to do this.”

   Jessie was momentarily speechless with rage. “Jake never–you bastard! Stop it now! Ow, ow, that hurts!”

   “It’s supposed to hurt,” Brady said cheerfully. “Doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t.”

   He kept right on spanking her, concentrating on the tender sit spot right at the top of her thighs. When her struggles finally slowed, the pace of his spanking slowed. After she lay still across his lap, he stopped. Her bottom burned and throbbed and his hand ached.

   “Now, are you ready to talk about this reasonably?” he asked.

   She was silent. He waited a moment and then gave her another hard smack.

   “I asked you a question.”

   “Yes! Yes, we can talk about it.”

   Brady cautiously helped her off his lap. She stood facing him and rubbing her scorched butt. Her lower lip was stuck out and she really did look like a spanked child. For just a second he had to work to keep from grinning at her. 

   “I’m sorry I had to do that.”

   “You don’t look sorry,” she said, her lip still out in an adorable pout.

   “You’re right,” he said cheerfully. “You had it coming and now the air is cleared and we can have a real conversation.”