Katie Consents by Alyssa Bailey

Katie and Ciaran O’Connor love their lives as man and wife. She is learning to live within his traditional boundaries, and he uses that same careful creed to help her battle past insecurities so that they don’t interfere with their future. It is working. But, when the root cause of her insecurities threatens to destroy their life together, Katie is devastated once again.
Ciaran and the O’Connors can eliminate the threat, but Katie’s recovery from the damage that repeated risk to her safety presents is another issue altogether. While Katie agrees to begin the process of overcoming her past and working towards her future all over again, is it possible to eradicate the wasteland of her emotions a second, or even a third time?
If she will consent to the methods he needs to use, Ciaran is determined to save his wife and their marriage. Unfortunately, some things in life cannot be repaired. Will this be the time that healing is impossible to achieve? Can Ciaran find a way to break through the barriers of emotional debris and walls of fear that his wife has built to protect her very psyche? Is their love strong enough to help them recover a peaceful life, or are the circumstances just too much for either of them?
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