The termagant being brought into the small clinic isn’t exactly what second in command and Alpha soldier, Kosh, envisioned as his perfect Omega, but he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is his. She’s a fierce little thing, more of a threat than most would take her for, but he isn’t one of the unfortunate ones who will get caught underestimating her.

They wouldn’t be given the chance to do so again.

Tura doesn’t want to be here, even though she knows it’s a well-controlled, relatively safely run small city. And she most definitely doesn’t want to be paired off with some giant who thinks he has a claim on her – no matter what her lady parts want her to do.

She almost succeeded in taking him out like she had the others, but instead, he will just wear the scar she’s given him for the rest of his life. A life he absolutely intends to spend taming her to the very hand she’s bitten.

Publisher’s Note: The second book in The Alpha’s Woman series contains explicit scenes and power exchange. If either of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Excerpt from Kosh’s Omega

As unhappy as she knew she had made the big man, Emily felt she had to do it because she well understood how the girl felt as she pushed the hood back, revealing a very young girl who couldn’t have been much more than eighteen at the most, although she knew first hand from her time as a nurse here that malnutrition had stunted most people’s growth— Vaudt and his kind not withstanding— and someone who looked nine was likely to be fifteen, someone who was fifteen could be twenty or even twenty-five.

She was horrified to see that the girl had a thick, crude strip of leather in her mouth, as well as one over it.

“What is this?” she asked, her eyes darting to his with obvious disapproval.

“I had to muzzle her. Did you not hear me say she bit Kosh’s hand to the point that—”

“I don’t care. I assume she’s bound, too? Remove those as well, please,” she interrupted.

Vaudt growled again, deep in his throat, his eyes on his recalcitrant mate. His charge jumped at the sound, but Emmy did not.

He drew himself up to his full size, looking down at her sternly. “I will remove the muzzle, but not the bonds,” he said, suiting actions to words.

She frowned. “Then I’ll have to cut the robe off and I’d bet that she’s naked under there. Do we have something else for her to wear?” She knew how horrible it was to be nude all the time in front of people you didn’t know.

“Woman!” he almost— but not quite— roared. “Get on with it or I will have her taken away now!”

The young woman began whimpering and sobbing, and she could hardly blame her.

She addressed the poor girl, “I am Emmy— this is my mate, Vaudt.”

“Lord Vaudt, Tarq of the Known County,” he corrected, although he knew that Emmy remained unimpressed by his hard-won titles.

“What’s your name? Can you speak?”

Her mouth opened, as if she was trying to answer Emmy, but nothing came out.

“Speak, girl!” Vaudt encouraged loudly, which, of course, only made things worse. Emmy put her hand on the girl’s shoulder and turned the both of them away from him, deliberately positioning them so that she couldn’t see the enormous man as he stood behind her, making it feel— almost— as if it was just the two of them in the room together.

She grasped the girl’s biceps, squeezing gently. When she spoke, her voice was calm and soothing. “You are safe. Do you understand me? Just nod, if you do. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to or can’t.”

The girl nodded.

Emmy smiled. She had found that, somewhere along the hard road the human species was now following, smiling was rare for everyone, and she was trying to bring it back single handedly. “That’s good. You are safe. No one will hurt you. My mate here will see to that.”

“The hell he will!” she spat out with unexpected fury. “He just stood by while that awful soldier beat me! Lift my robes and you will see the evidence— I am not lying!”