From the author

The history of Ireland is steeped in magic. From the druids, to leprechauns to the fae (fairies) this country has always fascinated me.

We have in our area twenty Albino deer. We are very protective of these beautiful creatures. Even though we are in the heart of deer hunting in Wisconsin. We lobbied and got made a law that it is unlawful to shoot a white deer. I wanted to put a piece of me into this book. I couldn’t think of a better way than to include our Albino deer.


Book Blurb:

In 1700s Ireland, the clans are fighting for peace. Healers are being trained, and the doctor who hurt Hope one year earlier has returned to fight for her hand. First, he must prove himself worthy to her uncle and guardian, as well to the little healer herself.

Hope is a special young woman with a gift. In her family, when one receives the gift, they lose one of their other senses. For her, it was her hearing. But Hope is special in another way, as well…

Having grown up with a mother who was a ‘little’, Acelin is well-versed in the needs of such a woman. Having recognized that Hope, at times, needs to be little and cared for, he jumps at the chance to let her know he is the man who can provide her with what she needs the most.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains power exchange and sensual scenes. If either of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Character interview

with Amanda

When did you know you wanted to be a healer?

When I was very young. I think when my mother passed away. I felt so helpless I decided I had to become someone who would learn all that I could to prevent anyone else from losing someone they loved.

If you could travel to any other time when would you go to?

I would go to the future and learn about healing in the future so I could see what healing is like in say…. the 1900’s.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I love it in Ireland with my friends and family. The land is so beautiful and the air so clean. The water so clear. Wolf and I have our favorite pond that we like to go to when we want some privacy.  I am close to my God parents in England the King and queen.

What is your favorite drink?

I love sweet ale. It is soooo good.

If your mood was a song right now what would you be singing?

An Irish lullaby. I have a surprise for Wolf.

Author Interview

What made you think of using an Albino deer in this story?

We have twenty Albino deer in a thirty-mile radius where I live (rural Wisconsin). I wanted to put a piece of me into this story. We are very protective of our albino’s they cannot be hunted. We are in the middle of hunting country but everyone respects these beautiful creatures. We don’t see them often enough to ever get over the shock and awe of them but often enough to know they are well and thriving.

What made this book special to you?

I promised myself to grow. I wanted every book to be better. Since I am just starting on this adventure I want to improve. Also, I lost my son to heart disease in June. I wanted to dedicate this book to him and his memory. He always encouraged me. I wanted it to be the best for him. Mark and Chance are his sons.

How did you come up with Hope being deaf?

My mother was deaf. She taught me sign language at an early age. She also could read lips. She was my earliest inspiration.

What about this series do you love?

Ireland has always fascinated me. They are so steeped in amazing history. From the powerful Lairds that took care of their clans. To the magic of the fae and drunes and leprechauns and all the magic in between. The strength of this country and its people from “the Bruce” and fighting for their independence to the beautiful and welcoming country it has become. The castles and beautiful landscapes. I love the healers and did quite a bit of research. They were a big part of this country and as it turned out knew quite a bit of healing. We are finding out today a lot of what they knew years ago.

I want to thank all my readers. I know I am just starting out on this adventure and am truly amazed at how many people have read my books. I promise to keep striving to become a better author. I have a lot of excellent help. Please have patience I am learning, I promise. I hope you enjoy the Healers series as much I am enjoying writing it.



Just as dawn was breaking, the leader of the mercenaries broke into the open, calling out to the lairds. The gate was opened and five large, confident lairds, with their arms crossed, stood, feet shoulder length apart, their hair flowing in the wind. Their massive arms were evidence of their strength.

The mercenary looked amused. “Surrender your abbey and all that is within, and we will let the women and children go.”

Wolf stepped forward. “Nae, you know the rules; you will have to fight for it. Many of you will die today.”

“So be it, Wolf, your women and children will die with you.” He turned and gave a signal.

A hundred men stepped from the forest and the meadow. Many more waited behind, where they could not yet be seen.

Weapon in hand, the leader again addressed Wolf and the other lairds. “I ask one more time. Wolf, you and your men surrender, and we will spare the women and children.”

Rolland turned to Wolf and said, “This would be a good time for the damn animals to show themselves.”

The lairds could see the confidence and arrogance in the leader’s eyes. He was ready to kill everyone, including women and children. The lairds knew what was at stake. If they didn’t hold the abbey, their clans would be next.