Love is a risky game where everyone can win.

Betty’s best friend, the plucky, up-for-anything Emily, tests some new boundaries with her longtime boyfriend, George when they bring in a new play partner. Milo is always up for a good time with no strings attached. Will it work out as they hope?

Private investigator Lorena tries to push away her tall, tattooed suitor as a one-night stand, only to be drawn to his dominant presence and firm hand. Chewy is intrigued with Lorena and is surprised when their fun tryst grows into something more. Will this become something worth saving?

Enjoy a fun, different view of the lives of Betty and Reed’s closest friends.

This book is two complete and separate parts, both with a happily ever after, and contains the perspectives and stories of two different ladies close to the protagonists of the Rattler Romance series, the obsessive and intimate Betty and Reed.

This is book three in the Rattler Romance but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This fun, two-part contemporary adult romance contains elements of humor, suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Instead of saying good night at the end of the meal, we climbed into the back seat of my car so I could straddle him for relief.

Our kisses slid into slick and sloppy territory as we fumbled to get him out of his jeans. When he reached over to grab the hem of my panties and found nothing but smooth skin, he groaned, slipping his fingers inside of me.

The stretch combined with the vibrations coming out of his throat made me even wetter than before. “I missed you, Daddy.”

He grinned, thrusting his fingers fast enough that my legs wobbled. “How much did you think about me?”

Swallowing hard, I hesitated, not sure if we were roleplaying. “Whenever I was lonely.”

He pulled my hair back and sucked a mark into the spot where my shoulder met my neck. The pressure had me grinding on his hand, desperately humping it in the hopes I’d find the release I needed. With a satisfying smack of his lips, then a quick tap on my ass, he pulled back, eyeing his handiwork. “I want you to look at that reminder next time you get lonely, baby girl. You belong to Daddy.”