He wants a lady of quality on his arm, a mistress in his bed, and a princess to pamper.

When the time’s right. When he’s ready. When he finds her. But not yet. Lord Anthony Kendrick has obligations he fulfills daily but there is one he has yet to address; finding a wife and begetting heirs. All in due time. Without warning, he discovers the very woman he has been waiting for in his drawing room, and she needs what he can offer – if he were ready and if she were to agree.

Lady Genevieve Jacobson does not want to marry now, if ever. Her relatives disagree and pressure her to accept the offer of a man thirty years her senior. As the eldest, she is obligated to marry before her sister does. Ginny refuses to comply. Suddenly her freedom and her very life are at stake. She must make some dangerous choices if she is to have any say in her future happiness.

When Kendrick finds Ginny has taken matters in her own hands and put herself in mortal danger, he decides the time is right to claim her. Even if she doesn’t agree.

This is book four in the Lords and Little Ladies series but can be enjoyed independently.


Her voice grew husky as he began to pull the skirt of the gown up her legs, caressing the skin it uncovered.

Her intake of breath told him he was affecting her and her nipples were hard points beneath the thin cloth of her bridal nightwear. His finger traced a line up her smooth inner thighs, and he found her cunny bush, wet with her essence. His cock jumped in response. As it thickened and grew, Ginny wiggled. Now it was his turn to suck air.

“Did I hurt you?” her voice was thick and husky with passion.

“No, sweetheart. Keep reading.” She whimpered. He tickled the slender column of her neck with his tongue. He felt her shiver as she turned to look at him.

“Kendrick,” she said with a taste of desperation in her voice.

His lips took hers in a deep kiss which she turned her body into. Her hands slid into his hair. His tongue traced the entrance of her mouth, battling with her resistance when she unsealed her lips and her teeth parted. His tongue plunged in her mouth, as his hand massaged her soft, perfect breast. He tweaked the nipple, pinching it just enough to add a zing of pain.

He moved to the other breast as he came up for air. Heavy breaths and more whining from his girl. He needed to claim her and the only way to do that was to take her to his bed. He swooped her up in his arms as he ravaged her lips again. Laying her gently on the bed, she looked dazed. He needed to give her an orgasm before taking their clothes off.

Cunnilingus was off the table this first time and maybe for the first few times because he didn’t want her to be embarrassed in any way but he did enjoy oral loving. She would eventually taste him as well but not tonight. Tonight, he would use his fingers to tease her clit and help her love the experience. He kissed her cheek and down her belly, stopping at her breasts for some extended play.

As he found her belly button, he moved his fingers into position. “Ginny, don’t move. You will enjoy this more if you try to make yourself remain still.”

“Kendrick, I don’t know about this.”

“I do. Now listen to me. I’m taking you to paradise, but you cannot move. I’ll spank you if you do.”

She nodded and her lip was between her teeth again. He reached up and removed it. “No biting your lip because you could bite down on it when I make you come.”

She shivered and nodded. He grinned. He felt like an eagle swooping down on his prey. He put his fingers near her slit and found it well lubricated with her desire. He kissed her belly and teased her clit. She raised up, and he swatted her thigh.

“No moving, woman.” She answered with a groan.