One night of laughter and explosive passion with a stranger about to be deployed changed Nefertari’s life. Pregnant with no way to find him she was shunned by her family and had to struggle to create the best life she could for their beautiful daughter. Working as a Yoga instructor at a shady spa is both her salvation and downfall. After a chance conversation she discovers one of her students knows her mysterious man, Dragon, but she unknowingly discovers a drug ring being run by a street gang. A gang who needs her to remain silent.

Dragon often dreamed of the girl who got away, the girl who ruined him for other women with her body and her heart. When he finally finds her, he never expected she would be in mortal danger or discover he has a daughter. As a Brother in the Dark Sons MC he knows he and his Brothers can protect Tari and Lali, but winning Tari’s heart is a solo mission. The two of them must find love while staying alive and bringing down a criminal ring intent on killing her. Does their lightning hot attraction still exist? Can their love grow under fire and blossom into the family they both dream of?

This is book two in the Dark Sons Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary romance has elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, adult content, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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She cupped his cheek loving the way her dark skin looked against the warm amber of his. “I want you, Dragon. I want you so bad my panties are soaked but…”

“But what?”

Frustrated, she swept a hand down her stomach trying to find words that didn’t make her feel weak. He smiled and brushed his thumb over her nipple sending a bolt of pleasure straight to her pussy.

“Don’t worry, Tari. I’ll be gentle but if I don’t get to taste your sweet honey soon I’m going to go crazy. Kneel on the other chair and let me do all the work.”

The deep sexy growl in his voice had her moving over. He moved the chair somehow and it started to recline. She was kneeling on the seat facing backward, almost hugging the headrest and her pulse raced as she wondered what he was going to do.

He pushed up her shirt and planted kisses slowly down her spine. Every brush of his lips was a pleasant little torture that slowly erased the aches of her injuries. By the time he pulled down her pants she was panting with need.

“I have dreamed about the taste of you for years. I can’t wait to have your sweet pussy dripping on my tongue.”

Dragon pushed her knees apart and his tongue swept up into her folds. The action was almost enough to trigger a small orgasm and she moaned her pleasure into the soft leather of the seat. He wasted no time, his fingers began circling her clit as he feasted at her entrance, licking, sucking, and nibbling; making her whole body ache with need.

She felt the orgasm building deep within her. She had missed this feeling so much. The knowledge that someone so special knew her body better than she did herself and used that to bring her to the highest heights. When his other hand started rimming her ass, she lost all control; the dirty pleasure too much to contain.

True to his word, she felt him sucking down her release, his tongue inside her while his fingers played with her clit dragging the orgasm out longer than she thought possible. He let her come down slowly. Tari moaned wanting more, needing him deep inside her. When she felt the length of him at her entrance she whimpered.

“Tell me what you want, mi reina.” He slid his cock along her folds rubbing the head against her swollen clit.

“I need you, Dragon.” Tari pushed back against him begging with her body for him to fill her.

He bit at her ear. “Give me the words. I want to hear that pretty mouth begging for dirty things.” Dragon reached around, his hands finding and twisting her nipples in exquisite pleasure. “Can you be dirty for me, Mami? Just for me?”

His words tripped a switch inside her. “Please, Papi, fuck me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me.”