Have you ever wondered what might have, could have, or should have happened to some of the leading ladies in classic literature? Male and female roles were clearly defined, with the man in charge of his house and wife. Consequences for the wife were such common aspects of the era that maybe those scenes were simply lost in context. Still, what if we could reveal them?

This book explores four different classic novels and supplies the missing discipline scenes that are led up to in the original works. In “Darcy and His Sister,”, Georgiana must face the consequences for attempting to run away with Wickham, and in “Darcy and His Wife,” Elizabeth manages to get more out of her marriage by provoking her husband to discipline her. “Emma’s Lesson” provides the details of the discipline she was always meant to receive from Mr. Knightley, just as Cathy is finally disciplined in “Mr. Lockwood’s Charity.” In “Dr. Lydgate Cures His Wife,” Tertius and Rosamond’s relationship takes a pleasant turn when Lydgate decided to correct, rather than ignore, his wife’s errant behavior.

Each story is based on the text of classic works and offers tantalizing extra material for the wandering mind.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains portions of classic literature with a twist and is intended for adults only. It contains themes of domestic discipline.