Madeline Croft's Taleian Knights

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just signed a contract with Madeline Croft to bring the Taleian Knights to Blushing Books!

The Royal Taleian Knights were born as great noble, sword wielding warriors in to an ancient British race existing before King Arthur.  Gifted with strong men and female psychics who could shape shift, The Taleians were cursed by jealous Druids and made vampire.  They were driven from their land of Talus with an insatiable bloodlust to be hunted and killed.  Learning to live undetected amongst the humans they scattered across the globe over the generations.

Many of the Taleian Knights unable to find a soul mate after their women were sold in to slavery for the humans and had declined in numbers, mated with human women.  From these unions, hybrid Taleian children were born.  Bound by the mating traditions of the Taleian people, the new hybrid males were fated to find their one true mate.

Once the woman was discovered, the Knight had to fight to keep her in a sword duel with those whom destiny had given the right to challenge his claim upon her.  Driven by the overwhelming need to find their soul mate many Knights turned rogue and ignored the mating rites choosing instead to take the women by violent force.  Desperate to protect their mates from rogue Knights and the slavers, the Taleian knights took a firm dominant line with their women.

In London in the year of 1893 the young, handsome, rich and womanising Lord Valancourt found himself in love with his ward, Juliet.  When the truth is revealed to him that he is a hybrid and to be mated to Juliet, the new true Queen of the Taleian people, he will stop at nothing to protect her including threatening to take a whip to her bottom when she refuses to obey him.  Given the high title of Knight of Swords as the Queen’s mate, protector and leader of her army he is forced to battle unbelievable forces to keep her safe and in his own possession.