I stepped off the plane and was hit by a jolt of electricity.

It’s as if lightning is striking me, the first time I see him. As I step off the jet and onto the tarmac, there he stands, as if summoned from my fantasies. He is gorgeous, muscled, Scottish, and there for me.

The electric pulse that dashes across my skin as his kiss brushes against my hand pushes that pulse lower. This is to be the next leg in my journey to discovering what I want out of life. After years of focusing on nothing but work, it’s time to focus on myself and the adventures I’ve dreamed about. Will those adventures include a wealthy Scottish Lord?

When our eyes met, I knew she was mine.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Finding out I am adopted and have a half-brother could have sent me into a spiral. Instead, it gives me a foundation. Seeing him happy with his perfect woman, shows me what is important in life, and I want what they have for myself.

I never imagined I’d find my perfect woman stepping off my brother’s private jet. But as luck would have it, O isn’t looking to settle down. Our mutual paths lead us to a castle wedding in the Highlands, where things start to unravel. When the gun is pointed at my head, I have only one regret, O.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy mystery contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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“Now, listen up, you aggressive little sprite. I say when, and I say how. You get to concede or say no. I want you badly, but I will not spoil our experience by being a one-night stand. You have all the power, O, so what will it be? A spanking for your attitude and part as friends? Or, a spanking and the best sex of your life?” I waited, giving her a moment to sort through her feelings and give me a straight answer. “You have three seconds to answer me, Tinkerbell.”

“Go to hell, Malcolm. I don’t have to answer you.”

“You’re right,” I said, landing a hard spank on her perfect bubble ass, “but I think you will.” I landed a dozen hard spanks on her backside. She screeched like I was killing her, but I knew that through her jeans, the pain was minimal. Her shrieking was from her defiance. I pulled her jeans down in one quick motion and continued my assault on her pink backside which quickly turned to bright red under my ministrations. The more I spanked, the quieter she got until all was quiet except for the occasional grunt from her perfect mouth.

I stopped spanking but kept her draped over my lap, gently squeezing her hot backside and holding it in my grip as I spoke. “Now that I have your attention, I will ask again. Would you like to have some fun with me, O? I believe you when you said we could have amazing sex, but if what I just did has changed your mind, then I will let you go, no hard feelings. But if you want me, you’d better say it. Consider this your first lesson in power exchange, O. You must say what you want, and I will not accept anything else.”


“Yes, what, O?”