Managing Maisie’s Mischief

by Laura Hart

(The Earl’s Acceptance Book Three)


He was a decorated pilot who had tamed the skies, but could he tame his new wife?



Mischief… Mayhem… That’s Maisie!

In the first two books of The Earl’s Acceptance, we met Maisie, Quinn’s irrepressible sister and Mandy’s sister-in-law, best friend, and occasional partner in crime.  This final book in the series tells Maisie’s own story—her adventures as a free-spirited young woman with a voracious appetite for fun.

If there was trouble anywhere in the county, she could find it, said her brother Quinn.

The M in her name stood for Mischief, not Maisie, said others.

Now she’s married to Michael, her childhood sweetheart, a hardened and disciplined RAF fighter pilot who tamed the skies and came home with medals.

His new mission might be the most difficult yet.  What will it take to tame his new wife?

Mini Excerpt

When I die and go to heaven, all the men will be Scots wearing their tartans.”

He laughed and took her in his arms, then whispered in her ear, “If you’re planning on getting to heaven, lass, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Author Interview


What’s been your most exciting adventure?

My whole life seems to have been one adventure after another, probably because of having spent almost thirty years of my life living in other countries.  I’ve spent a New Year’s Eve dancing in Damascus, Syria and was living in Ankara, Turkey when tanks rumbled through the streets and ‘traitors’ were hung publicly.  We were living in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, when the Khobar Towers bombing took place, and, although we lived several miles away, I can still feel the way the air was eerily sucked out of the house just seconds before the tremendous BOOM! that exploded everywhere.  We used to live in Tehran, Iran, where there was an ongoing shoot-out on the streets between the Shah’s police and left-wing ‘terrorists,’  and I taught in a school whose windows overlooked the Shah’s infamous torture prison.  Sometimes I think for me the real adventure is being someplace quiet.


When did you first know you wanted to be an author?

I’ve been writing stories since age four or five but kept them mostly in my head.  I grew up with a grandmother who published ten books, and I saw the editing process and declared that no one was going to tamper with what I wrote, meaning I could never be a writer.  The problem with saying ‘never,’ though, is that so often we end up eating our words.  Last year, for whatever reason, I sat down and started writing—actually putting it down on paper.   After the fifth book, I decided to find a publisher, and here we are.  (I’m still trying to talk myself into giving up those first five.)


What is your writing process like?

I just sit down and write.  If it’s a series, the first book has almost no plan at all.  I see what my fingers type and then go from there.  Maisie’s character is a good example.  I have no memory whatsoever of where she came from in the first two books of this series, but I’m guessing she was needed as a counterpoint to Mandy, who came out better behaved than my heroines normally are.


Who are your favorite authors?

Depends on how I feel at the time, but I always enjoy Penny Vincenzi.  I especially liked her Spoils of Time trilogy.


What genre do you write in?

I’m only interested in writing contemporary stories.  Historical ideas fascinate me, but I never can get past the hardships of life back then enough to want to put my characters into that setting.  As for the future and sci-fi, I’ve simply never connected with that genre.  I’m more interested in personalities than plot, and sci-fi tends to flatten and even automate personalities.


What’s your favorite music?

Mozart.  I like almost any type of music in its native locale—Strauss in Vienna, Cajun in New Orleans, country at a Texas BBQ, but to play at home or in the car, it’s mostly classical.  I’m told that when I was two, I wouldn’t nap until my mother had played a certain Mozart piece, so at least I’m consistent.




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