Marri’s Conflicts by Cerise Noble

Marri is a soldier spy who manages to thwart the invasion of the post-apocalyptic city she was living in. Despite this success, she finds herself outside the city walls, hunted as a traitor, her lover Dinis near death, and nowhere to turn.
Brackish Bay’s William the Poet, his lover Amadeus, and foster daughter Katherine rescue the pair from the battlefield and take them to a surgeon who can treat Dinis’s wounds. In repayment, William requires Marri to find information about his House’s enemies.
When she provides it, William decides that the group must to do what they can to stop a war between rival city-states. Marri is used to starting and finishing fights, not preventing them, but she agrees to help.
Marri is an extraordinary operative, no matter whom she works for, but the same headstrong nature and fierce sexual urges that get her what she needs and wants from the enemy often get her into trouble with her friends, as well.
Please join Cerise Noble for another rousing adventure in the Brackish Bay saga.
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