Rohan is known throughout the province as a lover, as cruel, as a man unbridled and controlled by his passions. Taken as hostage by a man more monstrous than him, he awakens in the bed of a woman he should have memory of—but doesn’t.

Meredith lives alone in the forest with her young son, pretending to be mute in order to stay safe. But she secretly wishes for the danger of the man she saved from captivity, even though she has him as a captive too.

She knows better than to steal him away and to try to keep him. He knows better than to test her and to make her stay.

A wicked and dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. Only it’s not just them playing. The monster in the darkness wants to play their game also, forcing them to decide if they should join together—continuing on as enemies, or as the lovers they are meant to be.

This is book two in the Cruel Masters series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This Dystopian romance contains elements of danger, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Don’t move,” he instructed. She nodded. Anything; she would do anything for him in the moment. “Open that pretty mouth,” he said.

She did, waiting. Waiting for him to take her in any manner he chose.

With his hips pressed over her face, he smothered her with his erection, pushing it fully past her open lips. He groaned. He was so deep. Sunk in so deep inside her throat she couldn’t breathe. He lifted his hips, and she gasped desperately for air. He purred, pushing back the sweat-ridden hair from her temple.

“That’s it,” he said as he kept stroking her hair, holding her gathered wrists tightly secured to the mattress with his other hand. “You’re such a good girl.”

His words made her pussy throb. She arched her hips, giving a soft moan. Before she could ask for another second of time, he had worked his way back in, deep. Deep. Deeper. She gagged, and Rohan lifted, another soft, encouraging murmur coming from his mouth.

“You’re doing so good. Take it all for me. That’s so very good.”

Preening, she obeyed. Her throat arched further, and when he pushed in again, his cock slid into the very depths of her. His answering groan told her he liked it, and he grunted as he pumped inside of her. His sensuous response called through the room as he readied to come, Meredith swallowing the telltale seep from the head of his erection. Rohan let go another low grumble. Then his cock swelled thickly, and a gush of thick ejaculate streamed down her throat. Greedily she swallowed.

Rohan raised his hips from over her face, a repleted groan and a softly whispered praise upon his lips. He wiped the corner of her mouth as he sat her up and kissed her forehead.

“That’s my good girl.”

She felt tears swell. She wanted to be all that he said. The sad truth was, though, she wasn’t good at all. And in time, Rohan would certainly find that out.

He gave her a long, careful look, his jeans still hanging loose and his erection at half-mast. “Why are you crying?” His fingers stroked back her mussed-up hair. “Did I hurt you?” His voice was curiously interested, despite the disarray he caused both in her and upon her.

“Would you care if you did?” she asked.

He pondered. “Yes. In your case, I would.”

“Why?” she asked softly.

Rohan didn’t answer for a minute. Standing, and with snappy motions, he zipped himself up. “I told you. You’re mine. I take care of my own… whether you fucking deserve any of it or not.”