Meet the heroines of Are You Sitting Comfortably?!
Bethany Leigh’s new collection of short stories has just been released. Titled Are You Sitting Comfortably?, it contains eight stories in a range of genres (contemporary, mystery, historical and alt-history) and features six sassy heroines – and six no-nonsense men who spank them. The ladies in the stories are:


Penny and Hayden are travelling around Australia, trying to rekindle their romance after drifting apart while bringing up their family and struggling with a failing business. Hayden wants to use the trip to bring domestic discipline back into their relationship, but Penny isn’t so sure. They haven’t been travelling for very long when she ignores an important instruction that impacts on her comfort in more ways than one.


Private investigator Lucy has two things on her mind – tracing a poison-pen letter-writer who’s been targeting clients of two local dominatrices; and finding the perfect office space so she can leave her job and work solo. Boyfriend Noel insists that the office she chooses must be in a safe spot. Can she find a place he approves of? And can she find the letter-writer before her clients’ fetish business is destroyed? This is a standalone story featuring the characters from At Dead of Night.


Nicola and Peter have enjoyed a fabulous holiday at their friends’ luxurious house in Queensland. With their friends away, they had the privacy to play Nicola’s favourite game of ‘naughty schoolgirl and stern principal’. But halfway through the 22-hour drive home, Nicola discovers that they’ve forgotten to pack their cane, and it’s still lying under their friends’ bed.


It’s 1961 and Ruth is a nurse at a prestigious boys’ boarding school. She has a huge crush on the headmaster, but he doesn’t seem to know she exists. Then her madcap friend Vicky comes to stay and they end up playing a crazy, alcohol-fuelled prank that goes horribly wrong. When headmaster Edward wants to know who’s responsible, Ruth has to confess.


When Cate and Chris decided to have a baby, they agreed she’d be a stay-at-home mum and he would be the family breadwinner. But Cate struggles with having no income of her own and can’t bring herself to spend Chris’s earnings on herself. Meanwhile, Chris thinks her unusual lack of interest in socialising and clothes is due to post-natal depression. When he finds out it’s not, she’s in trouble.

Lady Helena

Lady Helena’s husband has declared their marriage void after she refused anal sex with him at their Bedding Ceremony. She runs away with her family’s footman, Ted, whom she’s been in love with throughout her betrothal. How will she cope with being the wife of a footman – especially when their lack of money means she too will need to work as a servant? This is a standalone story set in the Freedom universe.

Eight stories – six heroines. The maths doesn’t quite work, right? Actually, Penny and Lady Helena both appear in two stories, which is what makes the numbers add up!

Are You Sitting Comfortably? is Bethany Leigh’s fifth book for Blushing Books. The others are Freedom, set in an alternate Edwardian universe; Betrothed, a short prequel to Freedom; At Dead of Night, a murder mystery featuring a spanko PI; and A Cure for All Ills, a collection of domestic discipline short stories.


Are you sitting comfortably?

AreYouSittingComfortably_150x225These ladies aren’t, after defiance, hijinks, bad attitude and other misbehaviour lands them a trip across a stern partner’s knee.

Penny‘s husband Hayden wants to revive domestic discipline as well as romance as they travel around Australia. Penny isn’t so sure, but then she ignores an important instruction.

Lucy‘s trying to trace a poison-pen writer and searching for an office to set up her own PI agency. Can she find a location boyfriend Noel approves of? (A standalone mystery featuring Lucy from At Dead of Night.)

Lady Helena has run away with her family’s footman after having a disastrous marriage declared void. How will she cope with life as lowly servant Nell? (Featuring two new characters from the Lady Margia/Freedom universe.)

Ruth is in love with the headmaster of the school where she works as a nurse. He seems unaware of her existence – until her madcap friend comes to stay, and a prank goes horribly wrong.

Enjoy eight short spanking stories, featuring feisty heroines from a range of genres – contemporary, mystery, historical and alt-history – all with one thing in common. They all have a man who knows just how to bring them back in line!