We make problems disappear. Sometimes those efforts result in danger.  

It’s hard to get her out of my head. My new receptionist led a sheltered life until she set foot into my business, Deaux Consultants. I’ve been fighting my attraction to Jayne, but I can no longer resist temptation. I want to show her how exciting life can be, but I never meant for her to get involved in the danger and evils that my company deals with daily… 

This is book two in the Louisiana Loving series but can be read as a standalone.  

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance is intended for adults only. It contains danger, suspense, mystery, humor, and sensual scenes including power exchange.  



“A paddle?” Jayne hopped off Paul’s lap the moment she recognized the object he pulled out. There was little doubt over how it would be used. 

“Not just a paddle, young lady. It’s your paddle.” 

“Am I supposed to be honored?” Jayne understood she was naïve, but he had to be teasing her right now. 

“Do you remember in the storage room at Passionate Pleasures when I spanked you?” 

He knew about Erica getting past her. Jayne cringed. Why else would he remind her of the horrible spanking he had given her then? “Never, in a million years, will I forget you smacking my backside that day.” 

He chuckled. “It’s one of my fondest memories, too.” 

“Oh, from my point, fondest is not the best description. Humiliating? Painful? Shocking? Those are more in line with my thoughts on that event.” 

“I told you at the time, I wished our first spanking could have been a good girl kind.” He tried to coax her back his way, but Jayne only backed away further. 

“Why would a good girl get a spanking? You aren’t making any sense. You claimed you smacked my butt last time because I didn’t listen. Now, you are going to do it again, with a paddle no less, because I have been listening?” 

“Give me a chance to show you the difference between the two forms of spankings,” he challenged. “Three licks with this paddle, and I will put it away if you don’t enjoy it.” 

“One,” Jayne countered, not sure why she was even listening to his suggestion in the first place. 

“Two,” he said, chuckling softly. “Come here, young lady. Show me you trust me.” 

His dang blue eyes mesmerized her. Like a spider to a flame, she slowly moved closer. Pushing back his chair, he beckoned her to lay across his lap. Gulping, Jayne wavered on following through or running away. “Is this going to hurt?” 

“Only a little,” he purred as he eased her face down. “Tell me, baby girl. Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a man to take you in hand, warm your cute little backside, and then cuddle you close afterward?” 

It was as if he had snuck inside her bedroom and uncovered her private stash of spanking stuff. Jayne wanted to die right then and there. Instead, she told him how she really felt. “Any fantasies I had in the past were ruined by what happened in that storage room, Paul. What had once been mysterious and romantic suddenly was exposed as a painful reality.” 

“That was because you were naughty last time. Bad girls don’t get to enjoy spankings. Good girls, however, get to have their fantasies fulfilled. From the moment I saw you wearing your floral dress this morning, I have been wanting to haul you in here and use this paddle.”