Miriam’s Rebirth by Pippa Greathouse

The Strasburg Chronicles Book 5


It is February of 1865; The Civil War has been going on for five years now.
 Flaxen-haired and blue-eyed Miriam Hanner Clarke is widowed at age twenty-eight after her husband, Burton, went to serve in the war and was killed in battle.

She fills her days of dealing with his loss by working in the dormitory, which has been turned into a hospital. No longer the quiet, shy, stuttering girl she was when she arrived, Miri is now a competent young woman who is determined to ease suffering in any way she can.
 But she is certainly unprepared for the challenge of caring for Captain Nate Alley; the recipient of a gunshot wound, now under her care.

Captain Alley has no patience for being injured. He is quite accustomed to being in control and in charge and having others submit to his leadership. When challenged by this tiny, independent and stubborn young woman who is half his size, his first instinct is to put her over his knee. Growing stronger each day, he is determined that she will submit – she is just as determined not to. 
Who is going to win this battle?

The Return of Lucy Grace

The Strasburg Chronicles Book 4

Gracie Kennedy first came across “Billy the Bully” Becker in the woods, when she was seven. He had frightened her terribly that day but ended up taking her home. As a little girl, lost in the woods, that was what made her believe in him.

Coming home after years of being away at art school, she is determined to make a success of her life, despite the fact that Strasburg is still a small town. Small, it might be – to Gracie, it is home.

Now called “William,” Billy is a deputy in the sheriff’s department who is given some of the most challenging cases to solve. He is grown, well-respected, and looked up to – by everyone but Gracie, that is. Yes, he has grown up; but he’s not at all sure that Gracie has. She has come back full of disrespect and quite unladylike language, something he is not at all inclined to put up with. And Gracie is about to find that out.

Publisher’s Note: The Return of Lucy Grace contains the stern discipline of a rebellious young lady. If such themes are not to your liking, please refrain from purchasing this book.

Cinderella’s Lawman

The Strasburg Chronicles Book 3


Feisty little schoolteacher, Cinderella Barton, is quite tired of Deputy Henson Andrews telling her what to do. She came to Strasburg to take her first teaching position, and he begins lecturing her the first week, despite her efforts to ignore him. She moves from one boarding home to another, and at the end of the school year, she is forced to move into “Lady Angelica’s Home Away from Home for Ladies” in the middle of the night for safety. Once there, she finally feels safe for the first time in months.

Henson becomes more and more determined that she will not ignore him any longer, especially when it comes to his efforts to keep her safe. It irritates him no end when she manages to put herself in harm’s way. When she completely disregards his orders – with a bear in the area – and someone shoots at her through the window of the schoolroom after he ordered to stay away from it, his patience runs out. He finally decides to take her firmly in hand – and marry her – if he has to!

When one shooting becomes two and a kidnapping follows, Henson becomes even more determined to find out who was behind it. The main problem, however, is keeping his beautiful little wife obedient and safe. Keeping her safe – he is trying his best… but keeping her obedient? Henson begins to wonder just how many trips Cinderella will have to take across his knee before he will accomplish that task.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains mild sexual scenes and the discipline of an adult woman. Please do not purchase Cinderella’s Lawman if this offends you.


Merrie’s Hero

Strasburg Chronicles Book 2


Merrie adored Francis Adams when she was a child. But when she was thirteen, he scolded her and smacked her bottom for letting her puppy run out into the street and then running after it. She decided then that she never wanted to see him again. Ever.

Now, six years later, coming home from school, she is shocked to find that he wishes to see her again, and even more shocked when he asks to marry her. But as drawn as she finds herself to him, she does not like feeling his chastening hand on her bottom. Francis, on the other hand, seems determined to use it; whenever and wherever he thinks she needs it.

Merrie has been hoping for a marriage in which someone loves her desperately. She knows that she feels that way; but does Francis? The words ‘I love you’ seem as if they are destined never to reach her ears.
Or are they?

Publisher’s Note: This is a historical romance containing sexually explicit scenes and spanking between adults.



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Angelica’s Rescuer

Strasburg Chronicles Book 1


Angelica Dawson’s fiery temper often flared as red as her hair. But finding out from her Uncle Thomas that she was totally without options for her home and future, took the wind completely
out of her sails. He was bringing a perspective husband to meet her the following day. All she knew about him was that he was wealthy, and that her uncle thought he would be kind to her.

“He might have pointy ears and horns, for all I know,” she told her housekeeper, in tears. She had no idea what to expect. However, the handsome stranger who accompanied her uncle the next afternoon, with censorship in his silver eyes and definite ideas on how a young lady was to behave, was definitely not what she expected. Or wanted.

Geoffrey Wellington came to Philadelphia in the spring of 1850 to meet Angelica because it was his father’s dying wish. Now that he was in charge of Pembroke’s Estate, along with families of a huge staff, he knew his father was right; he needed a wife by his side. When he walked in to find a young lady who was as defiant as she was beautiful, he found himself determined to tame her. But behind those emerald green eyes, a heart of generosity and kindness existed; he could see it. She, however, was every bit as determined not to be tamed, as he was to tame her.

But before she had been married to him a month, she had been shot at, assaulted by highwaymen, and taken to a clinic where the woman in charge was determined to spirit her away into a brothel. Geoffrey found himself in constant worry about her safety. Who was behind this? Constant battles of wills accompany their journey as what begins as a marriage of convenience becomes one of depth and eternal love neither of them expected!

Publisher’s Disclaimer: Mild sexual scenes and adult discipline are a part of this action-filled romance.




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