An escapee from a strict religious order, Lynette Rose trusts very few people, and especially not men. After surviving a blizzard with the help of Doctor Liam Morgan they find themselves married by unscrupulous town leaders who are determined to keep them in their town as teacher and doctor.

Doctor Liam Morgan takes it upon himself to defend and support this young woman with a past of which she won’t speak. The words ‘men can’t be trusted’ shocks him. All men aren’t the same, and he finds himself needing to prove to her otherwise.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains danger, suspense, mystery, power exchange and a happily ever after.

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“Do you know what a woman’s orgasm is?”

She shook her head.

“I’m going to show you,” Liam said, giving the cloth a careless toss. He aligned his length against her body. He kissed her as his hand and fingers began to stroke her down there.

“Oh!” Lynette whispered as sensations rippled through her.

Liam smiled. “Relax and enjoy it. This is what being a grown woman and wife is about. I can make you feel this good, with my fingers, my mouth and tongue, and with my penis.”

Although his words were a little shocking, Lynette thoroughly enjoyed what his fingers were doing to her. Then something strange happened inside her, and ripples of pleasure seized and left her gasping for breath.

“That, my Sweet Rose is called a climax or an orgasm,” Liam said. “My job is to make sure you will be enjoying a lot of them!”

As the night progressed, Lynette learned her husband was a man of his word. She was awakened every few hours, so he could have his way with her, and she didn’t mind. The room cooled, and they had to use the covers, but they were soon pushing them aside as the heat built between them. She suspected she would be sore in the morning, but she liked how it felt when he was inside her. Liam had very talented fingers, and hands. What he was doing made her feel good, and she saw no reason not to enjoy it.