A pirate. A lady. He decides she belongs to him.

Priscilla is bored with her life. She yearns for adventure and excitement. She pleads and begs her father to allow her to go on his next trip to the intriguing pirate infested islands. When she’s told no, she sneaks on the ship anyway.

Nathaniel is the quartermaster on the ship he currently sails on. His quest for his own ship is almost complete. When he visits a harbor town, he discovers the greatest treasure he could imagine and like any other trinket, he takes her with him.

Her dreams and her realities aren’t coinciding. Priscilla learns the hardships and threats on the open sea and of living on an unrefined island. But Nathaniel and his amber eyes burn her in every conceivable, delicious way.

Nathaniel is committed to silencing his harrowing past. When an opportunity for revenge presents itself will he pursue it?  Can Nathaniel keep Priscilla safe?

Once Priscilla experiences the true pirate in Nathaniel, will it be more than she can withstand?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, sexy pirate tale includes elements of danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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She shared a few kisses in her life, but nothing compared to this. His left arm encircled her waist, lifting her from her feet, without interrupting their mouth explorations. Carrying her across the room, he broke the kiss, staring at her with a heat in his eyes matching the fiery sensations she felt. Lowering them to a bunk, he held the stare, a shared understanding, an appeal for consent.

She knew this was wrong. She did. She just didn’t care. The entire situation was wrong. The barbaric, alluring man took her, spanked her, forced her on a ship, and her only thoughts were of having his lips back on hers and easing the discomfort he created within her body. It scared her. It intrigued her. But she had no one to criticize or condemn her in that moment. She could do as she wanted.

Moving his head to her neck, he nuzzled it before he kissed it, progressing to deep, borderline painful lavishness. Though he sucked at her neck, she experienced a similar awareness in her core.

Sliding the drenched, ripped material off her shoulders, revealing her breasts, he immersed them in the same intense affectionHe kissed, sucked, nipped, until she thrashed about yearning for more.

“Mm, what is your name, Angel?” he asked in the most masculine voice she ever heard. Even his voice affected her in a primal way.

“Pri… Priscilla,” she panted.

Running his tongue under each breast, then circling each nipple, she arched towards his mouth. “Priscilla. Was this Finn your husband? Such a lucky man.”

She receded into the bunk, his words bringing her back to reality. “No. I am unmarried. Did you kill him? He was my escort.”

His lips curled in a cunning smile. “No, Angel. I didn’t kill him. Yet he may wish for it when he wakes up. He will have one hell of a pounding in his head.” Stroking the side of her head, he ran his tongue along her jawline. “You are a virgin?”

Any attempt she made to remain unaffected by his lascivious tongue failed. He trailed it down her neck and along her shoulder interspersing kisses and nips. Closing her eyes, she disregarded any negative conceptions threatening to invade her mind and concentrated on the glorious madness his lips ignited throughout her entire body. If he thought her a virgin, would he stop? He couldn’t. She needed him to soothe her suffering. A delightful misery she didn’t understand. She heard pirates had no honor. But she wouldn’t take a chance. She needed him to fulfill whatever he incited in her. “No.”

His body shook with laughter. His rough, whiskered face rubbed against hers. “Do not lie to me, Angel.”