Marla Mayfield remembers driving past a ranch as a child and seeing beautiful roses lining the lane. Now, having returned home after graduating from college and opening a landscaping business, she’s sad to see the same ranch with no flowers or landscaping so she stops in and talks to the owner. She discovers that a handsome young cowboy inherited the business and has been concentrating on learning how to run it, but feels he’s now ready to address the landscaping.

They find they work well together – not just with regards to landscaping – and are soon an item. The main problem they seem to have is her propensity for eavesdropping. Ty explains why it’s wrong to eavesdrop, but Marla doesn’t see it as the problem he does. Even after a promised trip over his knee if it happens again, she insists he’s making too much out of it.

A couple of incidents change her outlook quickly, though, and she finds herself wishing desperately she had listened to the cowboy who now has his hands full trying to protect her. She’s afraid she may have gotten herself in over her head this time, and isn’t sure Ty will be able to somehow be her hero one more time.

Publisher’s Note: Never Again is a romance that contains elements of domestic discipline.