Are erotic fantasies best left in the pages of a book?
As a mousy, straight-laced librarian by day, and an erotic book blogger by night, that is the question that haunts Nora Simmons day in and day out. She fantasizes about finding her own dominant man, and acting out her favorite scenes from her favorite books-as well as some new ones-but girls like her don’t belong in that world in real life, or so she tells herself.
Everything changes when one of her favorite authors writes to her about a job opening at their publishing company. When her well-meaning but insanely bossy best friend kidnaps her for an innocent sounding girls’ weekend and then drags her to a party where women willingly place themselves over a dominant man’s lap, she has a choice to make. Does she have the courage to do some personal research and ask for the discipline she’s craved forever, or will she pass up the chance to discover whether fantasy can become her delicious new reality?
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the elements of power exchange and domestic discipline. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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What happens when art comes to life?

Newly married Lucinda Harris is a promising Atlanta artist. During the course of a passionate bedtime romp with her husband Michael, she realizes that having her bottom warmed only adds to her pleasure, and begins to wonder how she can get Michael to explore that avenue further.
Lucinda’s erotic paintings become her way of conveying her domestic discipline fantasies to her husband, and life comes to imitate art in their cozy suburban love nest. But her erotic art also becomes popular with the public, and when she fails to deal with criticism in a mature way, she has to acknowledge that as well as for pleasure, she also needs Michael’s firm hand to keep her career on an even keel.

Publisher’s Note: This is a newly released version of a previous title by the same name with the author writing as Carl Hamlin. It contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit scenes.