The Real Headmistress by Elliott George

Antonia Beckett is the Headmistress of a successful girls school. She has built the school up to a position of pre-eminence but she does use some unorthdox techniques!


She and her husband Andy, both succesfull professionals, lead a double life as Members of an S&M group, ‘The Seat of Learning…..


Old memories come to the surface for Antonia and new excitment arrives at her school. Can she cope?

Self / Discipline by Andrew Cameron

“One summer morning in 1983 I saw a friend get spanked in front of the class. And it changed my life.”


From submitting to his first authentic school spanking 12 years later, through coming out at 19, turning straight at 27 and ultimately finding love at 31, spanking has been a part of every major moment in his life.


Andrew Cameron’s fascinating account of a quarter-century as a spanking-addict is a treasure trove about what makes so many different people so fascinated by the seemingly vicarious thrill of the smacked bottom.


Vividly detailed, occasionally explicit, often funny and always true, Andrew Cameron’s exceptionally written SELF/DISCIPLINE is the thinking person’s book about corporal punishment.