Enchant Me by Alisa Eckols

Max comes across a little angel dirty dancing at his party, and has to rescue her before she does something she’ll live to regret. She fights him like a hellcat, landing a few punches before passing out for the night. Not knowing who she is or where she lives, he brings her to his ranch house to sleep it off.
Waking up the next morning, she can’t remember how she ended up next to a gorgeous hunk of a cowboy, but her first instinct is to flee. Max has other ideas. He wants to know more about this mystery woman, and the more he sees, the more he wants to keep her.
Feeling like a trapped animal, Ginny tries to fight her way out of his life, but keeps finding herself over his knee with throbbing red ass cheeks, and a heart that keeps betraying her by falling deeper and deeper in love with the brute.
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Luke’s First Bride by Rayanna Jamison

Rosa Collins was only sixteen when she received a vision telling her of her future husband. Knowing that her husband would be Lucas, the Bishop’s son, and future Bishop of Green Valley, both thrilled and terrified her. They were a match made in heaven, she knew, perfect for each other.
But becoming the Bishop’s Wife is harder than Rosa anticipated. She struggles to transform herself into the perfect Bishop’s Wife that her husband needs.
Lucas misses the real Rosa. Somewhere between getting married, and becoming the future Bishop’s wife, his beloved wife has lost part of herself. Lucas knows that a good, old fashioned spanking is exactly what Rosa needs to help her find balance in her unrealistic expectations of what the perfect wife should be. But, try as he might, that balance doesn’t come easily for Rosa, and it certainly didn’t help that her high school nemesis kept popping up and making trouble.
Will Lucas help her realize that all he wants is for his wife to be happy? Can Rosa pull herself together enough to become the Bishop’s First Wife?
*** Originally published as “The Bishop’s First Bride” in Oct. 2015. Re-titled with a new cover. Book 4 is coming April 2016. ***
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Seven couples facing issues in their domestic discipline relationships have high hopes for their vacations. But will time away bring them closer…or will it drive them farther apart? Seven stories by seven authors.
Spank and Run by Renee Rose: One drool-worthy mayor, a hairbrush, and a chance to find out if he’s up for keeping her in line…
This Moment by Alta Hensley: Lacking passion in her marriage, is a vacation and a session over her husband’s knee just what this wife needs?
Reconnecting by Celeste Jones: Too much time online leads to an off the grid vacation…Disconnecting leads to Reconnecting.
Wife on the Lam by Cara Bristol: Miffed at her husband for “forgetting” their anniversary, a wife discovers she can run, but she can’t hide.
Confession Time by Sue Lyndon:  Family drama threatens to ruin James and Lucy’s summer when her sister learns of their DD lifestyle.
Days With Youby Jade Cary: As Diana Rios (from The Point of it All) prepares for the holidays in Chile, she reflects on her life with Val, and sees him in her dreams. Are they dreams, or is Val still alive?
Tomorrow by Anastasia Vitsky: Picking up the pieces after an unexpected separation, thirty-something Kat Astra tries to make sense of a relationship gone wrong.
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