A Thousand Yesses by Jane Henry

Celia has been madly in love with her best friend Maverick for years – namely, ever since the day he took her over his knee and gave her a birthday spanking. But she’s kept her feelings for him hidden for fear of losing their friendship. He’s everything she’s ever wanted – strong and sexy, sweet, but fully capable of keeping her in her place and spanking her when she needs it. Fearful of ruining a relationship that means the world to her, Celia keeps her feelings hidden, protecting herself hiding her true feelings behind a sharp tongue and quick wit. She tells herself she will find a Dom, and hatches an idea with Maverick and their friend Rodney. Why not start a “How to Dom” business? They already know how to be a Dom. Who better to school the masses?
Maverick feels the weight of responsibility. His family needs him. His friends rely on him. With the promise of padding his income to help pay bills, he reluctantly agrees to head up the “How to Dom” demos. He throws himself wholeheartedly into demonstrations and lectures, sharing what he’s learned as an experienced Dominant, and happily partaking in real demonstrations – often heated, sexy, and sometimes humorous – for the sake of the camera.
How will Celia keep her feelings in check, when she’s party to not only being near the man of her dreams but actually seeing him demonstrate what she so desperately craves from him? Will she manage to keep her true feelings hidden…or somehow convince him that the woman he really needs is the one he’s been with all along?
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