She’s stolen gold… will she steal his heart? Lena Mae has been turning down the advances of men and potential suitors for marriage. She has not met a man worthy of her attention or her hand. Looking for adventure and learning of the route between England and Paris where gold is hauled and transported, Lena is determined to steal enough gold bars to live alone and never need to consider the advances of another man.
William Mason is responsible for guarding the train and the gold bars buried inside the safes. He has always been a man of the law. When he discovers that the safe transporting the gold has been broken in to and there are thieves on the train, he enlists the help of the young Lena Mae, who has caught his attention. Traveling alone with a story to tell, she appears to be the most honest person and the one least likely to be involved, given her dainty size.
His assumptions are wrong. Learning of her betrayal, he must decide how to enforce his rule and whether she should be disciplined – or arrested and handed over to the authorities for her crimes.
DISCLAIMER: This book contains elements of age-play, power exchange, discipline, anal play, and graphic sexual content. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
Arabella’s Journey: To The Manor Born, Book 1by Kathy Leigh

When Arabella’s Uncle Biddulph brings the Earl of Cumberwell to Linwood Manor, she has no idea how much her quiet life is about to change. She has not mixed much in Society, has not been introduced to members of the Haute Ton. But now, urbane and handsome Edmund, the Earl of Cumberwell, is about to lead her on a journey that will be filled with passion and delight.
However, no journey is without its hitches and no destination is reached without overcoming obstacles along the way. Will Arabella’s naivety and the earl’s sophistication help them find a way through the barriers erected in their path?
Publisher’s Note: This Regency era love story contains elements of domestic discipline, vivid descriptions of sexual encounters, and themes of power exchange.