When Alice and Evan meet after attending a weekend for spanking enthusiasts, sparks fly. Take a peek inside their love story as Alice learns what it means to have a Daddy who will love and spank her.
But will Alice’s jealousy of Evan’s friend get between them? Will Alice be willing to admit to her family that she plans to move in with Evan? Will she be able to handle the physical and psychological pain when Evan punishes her for real?
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, sexual scenes, and elements of age-play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
Anna’s Diary by Anna Ireland

As Noah’s young bride, Anna looks forward to a romantic and exciting life together. Noah seems to be the perfect husband right from the start, beginning with his alter promise to her father to take care of his little girl. As a somewhat sheltered girl, Anna looks forward to letting her husband guide her as their married life begins.

After two weeks of blissful honeymooning in the mountains, something happens to change Anna’s outlook on her husband and her marriage. Noah seems to think it is his right to discipline her and to monitor her behaviour like a child! Anna starts keeping track of her discipline sessions in her diary, where she records how it feels to be taken care of by a dominant husband who won’t have it any other way.

Her diary chronicles not only discipline, but Noah’s other child-like requirements of her – enemas, diapers, medical examinations – which grow increasing difficult to comply with. This peek into Anna’s private journal ends as she recounts what happens when she and Noah go to visit another couple who live much the way they do.