His Defiant Bride by Fiona Wilde

A well-heeled wife is an important asset in political circles, and that’s just where ambitious detective James Ketchum is headed after landing the most important assignment of his professional life – to catch an anonymous author circulating sexually explicit books in defiance of Parliament’s decency laws.
Beautiful Elise Ketchum is nearly everything a man could desire in a young bride. She’s loving, passionate and just defiant enough to deserve the bare-bottom spankings her dominant husband secretly delights in administering. Elise loves James, and would give him anything.
Except the truth.
James’ desire to discover the identity of London’s most notorious writer creates a personal dilemma for young Elise. For how could her law-abiding husband possibly suspect that his sweet wife is the author of the indecent books he won’t even allow her to read?
As James’ zeal to catch the author grows, so does Elise’s belief that her passionate husband is little more than a hypocrite who decries written description of the very kind of rough sex they both enjoy.
So Elise sets a moral trap for her husband, penning subsequent works to include descriptions of sex and punishment her husband cannot ignore, believing he cannot convict the author without convicting himself in the process.
But as the search for the author narrows, the tension – both marital and sexual – grows between a husband and wife with very differing philosophies on the topic of carnal knowledge.
“His Defiant Bride” is a Victorian tale that contains scenes of explicit sex, erotic and punishment spankings, and graphic anal play. Please do not purchase this book if such material offends you.
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