It’s Just a Ranch by Misty Malone
Mindy Clayton is burned out and needs to get away to regroup. When her parents suggest she stay at the ranch of some friends of theirs, it sounds perfect. After living in a big city, peace and quiet is exactly what she is looking for, and where¬†better¬†to find that than on a ranch? After all, it’s just a ranch. What could possibly happen there? Thee only thing she can foresee perhaps interfering with her plan for peace and quiet is Garrett, the ranch owners’ son. He ignored her when they were growing up. Now that they are both in their mid twenties, would he still be rude and hard to get along with, or will he allow her to get the rest and relaxation she needs?
Mindy isn’t there long before she learns that not only has Garrett changed, but that a great deal can happen on a ranch. When she finds herself in trouble, can the son who made her life difficult when they were younger be the one to save her now?
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women. If this offends you, please do not purchase.
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A Wintry Affair by Jamie Phillips

The feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has nothing on the feud between the Allesandros and the Pascoes.

Alicia Allesandro doesn’t know why her father hates Ian’s father. She only knows that at his age, if he learns that she is in love with his enemy’s son, it would most likely kill him. Ian Pascoe has no idea what lies at the heart of this decades old feud, either. He only knows that his father blames Alicia’s father for all the ills that have befallen his family.

But this will not deter these two star-crossed lovers. They are determined to be together-anywhere and anytime. However, it means sneaking around and hiding, which only serves to heighten the excitement of their secret encounters in which Alicia regularly goes over Ian’s knee and receives a good, painfully delightful spanking. Fortunately, they have the cold, icy, snowy Northeastern winter weather to help shield them from small town scrutiny, but winter doesn’t last forever and their need is too strong to stop. Can they find a way to be happy together without anyone getting hurt?

Publisher’s note: This book is a newly edited and revised version of a book previously published under the same title. This love story contains spanking and sexual scenes.

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