Bombay, India, 1870 and Elspeth Merryweather has lost both her parents. She has two choices: return to England, to a homeland she has never visited, or marry the devil, in the form of Captain Henry Wooten. She chooses the latter; marriage to the captain. She quickly regrets her hastily made decision, especially when she finds herself sent back to England alone and unescorted. She is wholly unprepared to meet another man, Professor Adam Beresford, who is returning to Britain with a mystical stone in his possession. On the voyage, Adam proves himself to be everything her husband is not – he is firm but kind, and Elspeth soon learns the difference between Wooten’s abuse and Adam’s loving correction.
A woman is made up of many aspects of personality and Elspeth is no exception. A young Victorian woman whose character has been formed by necessity, she is lifted from despair and given hope, but then a cruel twist of fate changes everything. A simple courageous act on her part leaves her with total amnesia. Remembering nothing of her previous life, she awakens in a void, with no memories of the cruelties she has suffered or the love she has recently found. Can Elspeth, a lost waif, survive the rigors of poverty in the harshness of Victorian London?
Turning to mudlarking as a way of survival, can she create enough strength to sustain her through these desperate times? Will her loving professor find her before it is too late? Will Elspeth have enough personal courage to become her own person and rekindle the passion she once felt for her lost love, even when she cannot remember his name? Can an emerald, the mystical Shiromani, help bring them together to form bonds that were lost?
Vanessa Brooks brings you her new Victorian melodrama, one that will enthrall you and carry you on a journey spanning the distance from India all the way to Victorian England during the 1870s. This is an epic tale that encompasses betrayal and a lasting love that knows no bounds.
Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, domestic discipline, and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.
Six bodies turn up in a shallow grave near a beach on the east end of Long Island. The FBI discovers a connection to sex clubs in the area and a human trafficking ring. They receive a tip and believe a club in The Hamptons is the next target. Special Agent Alyx Cameron, a member of the FBI Division of Covert Affairs, volunteers to enter the club as a client in hopes of attracting the criminals and locating the headquarters and leaders of the ring.

Dr. Daniel Taylor left the lifestyle over a year ago and hasn’t been to the exclusive St. Andrews Club since. When his best friend, the owner, asks him to train an FBI agent for undercover work, he initially resists, but the lure of having a week of kinky sex is tempting and besides, he’d be performing a service to the community.

Training a woman who is the opposite of a submissive proves challenging and before the week ends, Daniel realizes he cares for Alyx. Although Alyx agreed to the arrangement and the training, she soon discovers it may be more than she bargained for and is further unsettled by her blossoming affection for Daniel.

Often at odds, can Alyx and Daniel work together for the greater good? Will they be able to keep their personal feelings separate from the assignment and remember it’s just a job? Overcome by his need to protect her, can Daniel put those instincts aside and let Alyx do her job regardless of the danger?

Publisher’s Note: This suspense thriller contains elements of BDSM, explicit sex scenes, adult language and power exchange. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.