Make Me! by Carolyn Faulkner

Cayson MacGruder was a bona fide genius – and an introvert who had no idea how to talk to anyone, women in particular, not that he’d really ever tried. As a result, he went through personal assistants like Kleenexes. Before Jodi Thomson came along, the longest that any of them had stayed was less than a week. Jodi had been with him for over seven years. She thought she deserved a gold medal for putting up with him; he’d never even considered it.
But when he accidentally on purpose found naughty pictures and fiction on her computer, he began to reconsider both of their roles, and somehow – with one short sentence – dared to change their relationship forever.
Jodi was so embarrassed when her boss discovered her secret desires. How could a man so alpha-hot be so clueless? How was she ever going to face him again? She would just have to leave. There was no other way around it!
Then the next morning, everything changed. Cayson caught her in the parking lot and cryptically ordered her to the roof. For one horrible second, she thought he was going to throw her off! When she discovers there’s real danger, suddenly their personal issues take a back seat.

Can they survive the danger and together – the clueless genius and the shy assistant – forge a way forward?

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