Friday,  January 9,  2015
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“I’ll be the match and the fire, Kitten. You run. I chase. You’re mine now. I won’t let you go.” With those words of warning, Penelope became the married possession of the most dangerous man she had ever met.


Just a few weeks earlier, Penelope had been Pip, a talented pickpocket surviving on the London streets, until the night she chose the wrong man to rob. Looking past the foul mouth and boyish garb, Lord Alex Evers saw a diamond in the rough, a defiant female in need of his special brand of discipline.


Penelope fights him every step of the way, unwilling to give up her independence or to submit to his demands, despite her attraction to the handsome lord. Will a trip over his knee for a well-deserved spanking change her mind?


In this third book from the author of “The Submission of Little Emmie” and “Disciplining the Maid” comes a hot new romp in the world of Victorian age play. And this time the cast includes not just strict nannies, but a handsome, randy butler and household maids in need of correction for a delightful side plot sure to heat things up even further.


This book also includes bonus material – the continuation of Lord Burkewood and Emmie’s story from “The Submission of Little Emmie”. Emmie loses her final virginity.

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