Burning Triumph by Carol Storm

Charity Hill burns with desire… for discipline and for justice!
Fierce, loyal, and loving, the freckle-faced American redhead has weathered every storm and sore bottom as the lover, plaything, and cherished possession of English billionaire Harry Edgewell. His discipline has molded her from innocent submissive to triumphant avenger!
Along the path of submission, cheerful, fun-loving Charity has made many friends, and a few enemies, too. Now, a beloved mentor is dead under mysterious circumstances and Charity wants justice.
Harry sends his beloved submissive undercover one last time, to seduce friend and foe alike, and to fight her way through days of intrigue and nights of decadent pleasure.  Her mission is to discover the final truth… no matter what the cost in passion and heartbreak.
This is Charity Hill’s final chapter as the flame-haired avenger.
Will she succeed in discovering what happened to her mentor?  Will she help capture the guilty party? How will Harry keep her safe in the process?
Burning Triumph is book three of The Charity Chronicles, but can be read alone. This is the concluding volume of Charity’s story, where the sweet, submissive redhead completes her transformation to flame-haired avenger!
A Very Jackson Christmas by Delia Grace

The Jacksons are a fun loving crazy family who attack everything in life with zeal and spunk. And Christmas is no exception! Have you every wondered what it would look like to have generations of domestic discipline couples under one roof? Well, wonder no further! The Jackson men and their spitfire wives will keep you entertained and warm your hearts as they warm their bottoms.

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A Merry EXmas by Sheri Lynn

Having always despised her best friend’s ex-husband, Jana reluctantly agrees to meet him a few days before Christmas to drop off their daughter while her friend is out of the country Their meeting starts smoothly, but she finds herself on the receiving end of a punishing spanking for what he claims is rude and judgemental behavior As much as she tries to deny it, she’s always had a thing for Matt.

Planning on trying to forget about their interaction proves difficult. Especially when she attends a Christmas Eve party and finds he is a guest. Keeping her distance only reignites his desire to return her over his knees. Will the spankings or the Christmas spirit enlighten these two of their mutual desires?

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