Desperate to avoid being married to a man she does not love, headstrong Catherine Peters makes her escape from Tortuga aboard the only ship she can. Dressed as a boy to evade detection, she soon discovers that hiding her true identity from a man like Captain Thomas Bellamy is easier said than done. And the famed pirate captain is not one to let her willful disobediences go unpunished.

Against a backdrop of piracy and mutiny, Catherine must learn her place aboard Bellamy’s ship, both over his knee and in his bed. But can a pirate captain and a merchant’s daughter ever find a future together, or will the dangers that surround them push them apart forever?


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The Great Bonnet Rivalry by Laurel Joseph

In spite of the trouble with the Sioux and the Cheyenne, the Easter Parade and the Easter Bonnet contest was going to be held, which was exciting news to Lily Stone and to Miranda Jefferson. Both were beautiful young women and they truly wanted to beat Rebecca Waterford, a spoiled young woman who caused trouble for them at every opportunity. David North moved to the Wyoming Territory to be closer to his much older siblings, with the hopes of finding a place to buy that he could turn into the horse breeding ranch of his dreams. What he didn’t count on was meeting Lily Stone and falling in love in the space of a heartbeat. Lily felt the same way about David, but convincing her father that David was the right man for her was going to take some effort, especially when it was David who picked out the bonnet for Lily to decorate for the contest. Rebecca seemed determined to make problems for all of them, and it was Lily’s father who thought perhaps a few young women could do with a good spanking over the contest nonsense. However, the problems with the Sioux seemed to make a mockery of the contest and once Lily was taken captive she wondered if she would ever see her parents and David again.


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