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Lellen’s Journey by Cerise Noble

“And the realization hit her with all the force of a charging ketne. She, Lellen, warrior of Markin in the 5th Lorgenna tribe’s Defense Sets, was now simply Lellen, disobedient slave-girl of a Rokian drifter. And she was about to be spanked.”
Set far in the future, when Earth has multiple colony planets in space and an InterPlanetary Council to govern them, Lellen is a young warrior on her native planet of Markin.
Snatched from her home by illegal slave traders and sold to a man who, unfortunately for her, knows the meaning of the derogatory name she calls him, Lellen is introduced to the demanding life of a ‘personal pleasure slave’.
Will she be able to free herself from slavery? Will she be able to find and kill those who stole her freedom? And if she does, can she deny the strength of the bonds – forged in her pain – that link her to her Master?
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