Lady Templar by Alta Hensley

The covetous Knights Templar spread throughout the Holy Land seeking only for power and wealth. Amity was one of them, the all mighty, blessed by God, Knights Templar. An archer by choice, she was rarely found without her bow at her side and a large supply of arrows at the ready.


But she could no longer fight for a side she did not believed in. Amity could no longer declare she was a Christian. She could no longer declare God spoke to her. A religion that massacred, was no religion for her. So she left. She turned traitor, or at least she planned to. She simply walked away from the camp and into the desert in the search of Saladin’s army.


Although her biggest battle still lay ahead. Could she prove herself as a mighty warrior to the other side? Could she fight against The Knights Templar and be victorious? Or when she meets the commander, Malek, can she fight the temptation to be more than just an archer to him? Can the quest for submission in a brutal war- struck desert be Amity’s new crusade?


Part of our Medieval Maidens Box Set released in November 2014. If you’ve already purchased the Medieval Maidens set, this book is already in your library under that title.


Plain Jane by Eve Spire

When Cooper rides into Fester on his Harley, he calls no place home. He gets caught up in the people and antics of this small town, despite his intentions. And it’s for damn sure he hadn’t counted on falling in love with a knife carrying woman, or her butt ugly dog.


Plain Jane, or PJ as everyone in her home town calls her, is independent, and has everything she needs right where she is. So why would she ever want to leave? In rides Cooper to save the day and their friendship grows, and it isn’t long before PJ finds herself over his knee for a much needed spanking.


The time soon comes when he can’t stay, and she can’t leave. Will they figure out that home isn’t where you live, but rather, where you choose to hang your heart?


Conquering Cassia by Tabitha Black

When Cassia’s father dies unexpectedly, the little girl is sent to live with Lord Alexander Surrey, as his ward. For the next ten years, she enjoys his love, luxurious lifestyle, and even his discipline, as she grows into a beautiful – albeit impertinent – young woman.


Upon discovering that Lord Surrey has made plans to find her a suitable husband, Cassia vows secretly to sabotage his every attempt, as she has no desire to leave either Wenham Castle or her beloved guardian.


Until she meets Graf Willhelm von Sachsen. The handsome German count is the first of Cassia’s suitors to arouse her interest – and, she soon discovers, the first to stand up to her impudence by tossing her over his lap and giving her a sound spanking. Unfortunately, once her backside has been adequately reddened, Graf Willhelm informs Cassia that he has no intention of marrying such a bad tempered young lady, and takes his leave of her.


Aroused and ashamed by their first encounter, Cassia finds herself unable to stop thinking about the strong, Dominant suitor. So when she is given a second chance to prove herself worthy of his interest, she promises to do anything it takes…


Set in the lush countryside and luxurious castles of 15th century England, this medieval tale is one of lust, trust, discipline and love.


Part of our Medieval Maidens Box Set released in November 2014. If you’ve already purchased the Medieval Maidens set, this book is already in your library under that title.


Getting It Right by Saoirse Roghan

Discover one path to a happy, and hot, marriage. The one thing Emma June and her husband did without fighting? Sex. Emma hasn’t missed Walker in the ten years he’s been out of her life. Scrambling to make the mortgage payment, putting food in front of her children, saving the planet from paper waste, and feeding the occasional stray animal, Emma doesn’t have time to miss a man in her life.


Walker Northrup found missions with Special Ops to be more peaceful than life with Emma June. Placed on Leave, with direct orders to clean up his personal life, Walker heads back to Wyoming. This story reflects the author’s comfort with less than polite language, as well as enjoyment of sex and the heavy hand of the alpha male.