Candi at Night by Jennie May

Candace Sands is a Type A career woman who takes a no-holds barred approach to climbing the corporate ladder. But when she a drunkenly admits to a business rival that she secretly longs to give up control in her private life, everything starts to change. Wealthy, handsome Tucker Reed is drawn to Candi, whose deep need to submit matches his deep need to dominate. Soon enough, she becomes his little Candi in private life. But when life in the boardroom conflicts with life in the bedroom, and Candi turns insider knowledge to her professional advantage, Tucker decides it’s time to take his sweet Candi’s discipline up a notch. And that’s going to make her one very sorry little lady. Jennie May’s erotic medical age play has long been a favorite with readers. With “Candi at Night,” she turns her pen towards a sweet but highly erotic story that includes some of the naughtiest, toe-curling sexual discipline you’ll read anywhere.

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