Britannia’s Blaggard by Mariella Starr

Britannia Montgomery is fed up with the condescending attitudes of her peers. She is tired of men ignoring her talent and skills and of being ridiculed for no other reason than she is a woman. The last straw is when her fiance, someone she thought believed in her, turns out to be untrustworthy. Desperately needing a change, she heads west to visit her brother, Ben Sawyer. Blackie Hawkins is a self-made man. He lives by his rules – rules of survival. He makes an honest living, drives a hard bargain and considers himself an honest man. He is on a quest to change his life once again; until he collapses flat out in front of a woman who dares to challenge him. Waking up to realize a woman has saved his life, his pride takes a hit, but he isn’t a man to back down from a challenge.

The defiant, city-bred socialite Britannia Montgomery fascinates him. When he kisses her, she ignites with a passion that flames his desires like no woman he has met before. Once again, he sets a goal, to kindle and contain that fire and keep it only for himself.

Welcome back to Overton, Colorado, with its kind-hearted, feisty women and strong-handed men in this second book in the series, which began with Isabel’s Independence. Revisit Isabel and Hutch, Ben and Sarah and the town full of unique characters. Stick around… there’s more than one wedding on the horizon.

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