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Ghosts of Spankings Past by Dinah McLeod

Independent-minded Riley Jones knows she doesn’t need a man to make her happy. She can fa-la-la-la and decorate the Christmas tree all by herself, thank you very much! And who needs mistletoe anyway or long slow kisses stolen from under the jingle bells? Not her, that’s for sure! Or at least, that’s what Riley thought before she ran into Ben Moss. The only man she’s ever had second thoughts about cutting loose. Somehow the Christmas lights don’t shine as brightly this year now that he’s gone.
Enter three spunky, sassy and down-right hilarious Christmas ghosts that are only too eager to show Riley the error of her ways and convince her to win back her man! But Ben has been hurt by Riley before, and he’s determined not to give her that chance again…at least, not without her paying a steep price first!
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On the eighth day of Christmas…
Training Mrs. C. by Dinah McLeod

Catie Claus is living the life most little girls only dream of. Married to the handsome, sexy son of Santa, Nick Claus, she and her husband are being groomed to become the royal couple of the North Pole, the next Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Catie has a feisty, childlike nature, though, and it often lands her in trouble. Nick has found a way to deal with his young wife’s impetuous decisions and is well-versed in training his wayward wife.
Does Catie have it in her to take over the reins as the next Mrs. C, or will the stress be too much for her? Nick has asked her to trust him and his methods. Will he succeed in training Mrs. C?