On Probation by Misty Malone

Kelli’s managed to get herself into a mess. She dropped out of college and started hanging with the wrong people, and now finds herself on probation, with one foot in a jail cell. Her older brother Phil convinces her to move in with him and go back to school.
Ready to get her life straightened back out, she welcomes his offer, but there’s one problem. Unless she can find a probation officer willing to take her case as a transfer, the judge won’t allow her to move out of his county.
Phil’s good friend, Derek, is a probation officer, and when Phil asks for help for his sister, Derek doesn’t pull any punches. He agrees to become Kelli’s probation officer on one condition – that the young woman understands that her ‘bratting’ days are over.
Derek is man who believes that a good old- fashioned trip across his knees will do far more to impress the seriousness of the rules than anything else. The question is, will Kelli agree with him?
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