Spanking has become such a fascination. All bad little girls need a solid round of discipline every once in a while. Don’t you think? For some women, they don’t feel complete without a man’s firm hand. What if you don’t have a boyfriend or husband and have no way of getting exactly what you need? I have to admit, the moment I realized there are individuals who provide this kind of service, I was intrigued. Given my kinky mind, I took the concept one step further.
What if there is a national (or international) firm that provides a spanking service? A hard spanking for a price and they come to you. The thought is far too tasty not to pen a story around the concept. Of course there is a twist or two in the book, given our heroine is quite the ambitious and impetuous sort, but what she’s looking for is perhaps what every woman desires – love and trust. Can a few rounds of punishment allow her to strip away her mask, revealing the woman inside? You’ll have to read to find out…
Cassandre Dayne
The Discipline Hotline by Cassandre Dayne

Pride in your country. Forgiving your sins…
Cheyenne Preswood arrives in cowboy country hopeful for a new future, one without complications. She has fled the East Coast in search of solace. No man will ever touch her again. Securing a pristine job at Worthington Advertising, she is immediately catapulted into the upper echelon, and tasked with a tough presentation. If she messes up, her career and livelihood will both be on the line. Unfortunately, she’s out of sorts, and in need of the kind of discipline her ex introduced her to months before. After facing up to her desires, she comes across ‘Spanksx’, a firm providing punishment for a price, no questions asked. With barely any hesitation, Cheyenne succumbs to her dark needs and signs up.
Dillon Worthington is a man of power and influence, yet he’s burdened with a dark secret. He’s forced to fight his personal demons on a daily basis, but his past is something he refuses to acknowledge. Unfortunately, in order to secure the future of his company, he may be forced to sign a deal with the devil; destroying a town as a result. When blackmail arrives on his doorstep, Dillon finds himself pitted against his brother for control of his company. As both men face an unknown future, both of them hell bent on winning, they discover that a single woman stands in their way. Anger and lies surround them as they vie for top dog position, and they’re forced to confront the horrible night that tore them apart.
Can Cheyenne forget and trust two men? Can they forgive their sins of the past? Only time will tell, but is it too late?
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