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“What spell have you cast on me?” He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her so her face was a mere inch from his.

Kizzy shook her head. “I don’t know any spells, my lord,” she whispered.

“Then you’re doing it without knowing that you are.” He kissed her again, almost crushing her with his desire, but she wanted to be crushed by him. She knew that she could fly when he was on top of her. She thought about flying when she should be sleeping at night. In the dreams that came before real sleep, she dreamt about soaring under him.

Stephan felt his heart pound. He had to have this woman, or he feared he’d die from need. He spun her away from him and laid her back over the log. “Spread your legs,” he demanded.

Moisture flooded Kizzy’s insides. His deep voice, demanding that she do something so private made her respond to him as if his voice alone were lapping between her thighs. She shifted her legs apart and peeked over her shoulder to see if he was satisfied with her.

Stephan admired the marks on her body; each one was caused by him. He reached between her legs, wanting to open her legs wider, but when he cupped her sex, her hips shifted forward, running her clitoris over his fingers.

Stephan pressed his fingers harder into her body and felt her wet warmth calling to him as her hips continued to rock against his fingers. She wanted him too.

If he was crazy to like whipping her, then she was crazy for liking it. They were well-matched.

When he couldn’t bear watching her body move a second longer, he freed his member and pressed into her, sliding in with ease.

Kizzy called out, feeling complete. Her body had missed having him inside of her. He had become a medicine that she needed to have to survive. Without him, she would surely perish.

Stephan felt like a wild horse, mounting a beautiful wild mare that he had come across in the woods. He was dominating her with every thrust, showing her who was the stronger of them. His hands ran over her back and slid up to her shoulder. He grasped her shoulder tightly, holding her in place as he slammed his body into hers with wild abandonment. His seed belonged inside of her body, and he needed to get it there as quickly as possible, or he’d go crazy with lust.

Kizzy was in a position where she had to take what he was giving her. She couldn’t move or get away from him, not that she wanted to. He was the only thing that mattered at the moment. She forgot that they were out in the open, and that someone could see them, she forgot her grandmother, and she forgot the pain he had inflicted on her while he whipped her. Flying was the only thing that mattered. Her feet were running on the ground. Soon she would jump and spout the wings she needed to fly high above the world. The faster he slammed into her, the faster she imagined her bare feet running through warm spring grass.

With one hand on her hip and one on her shoulder, he had the gypsy girl positioned exactly as he needed to thrust hard and deep.