Maddie Gets Motivated

by Lynn Forest

Releases September 12th from Blushing Books


The Jazz House is jumpin’ when Maddie Howard sings. The “Sassy Scottish Lassie” is the premier singer at the Prohibition-era speakeasy. All of nineteen, she is gorgeous, bright and inquisitive. She is also brash, distant, and sometimes rude. Orphaned at fifteen to spend her teens and early adulthood living in the home of a cousin, Maddie is unmotivated and aimless. 

Brian McGraw is self-driven, always has been, and has taken a job as a local college professor, but is also a WWI trench warfare veteran and former English prep school headmaster. When he sees Maddie for the first time, he knows she is something special. When they meet, he is smitten – and so is she. They begin dating, and Brian offers Maddie some direction and motivation.  

While it is mutual love at first sight, how will Maddie handle her realization that what she most needs is the firm hand he promises? Will Brian be strong enough to guide and help her reach her potential and her dreams?  

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase. 


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