Torn Between Two Worlds (An Unwelcome Inheritance Book 2) by Laura Hart

Coming September 6th, 2017 to Blushing Books.



“So tell me, what’s so terrible about being a countess?”

“I just want to be me, not some stupid Disney character.”  She scowled at him, surprising him with her vehemence.  It was obvious he had a bigger problem than he’d thought.

“Did you think my aunt was a Disney character?  I thought you liked her.”

“I did.  I do, but she’s very proper, and that’s not me.”

Kade chuckled in spite of his worry.  “You’ve got me there,” he admitted.  “Proper is definitely not you.”




Cassie and Kade. What do you get when you mix a spoiled and sassy miss from Dallas with a stern and oh so sexy Scotsman? Sparks—that’s what! From the moment of their first meeting, Cassie realizes that she has not only met her match, she has found a man who doesn’t disappear in her daddy’s shadow. As their relationship has blossomed, Kade has proven time and time again that he is more than capable of dealing with her attitude and tantrums. Now they’re engaged and looking forward to a bright future.

Then comes the call that shatters their plans and they learn the truth of the adage, Man plans and God laughs. A tragic accident has killed both Kade’s uncle, the Earl of Berwick, and his only son, the viscount. Kade is now the new earl and must return immediately to Inverness and accept his responsibilities. As his fiancée, Cassie comes along, but after the funerals, when reality hits, she’s not at all sure this new life is what she wants.

The weather is cold and damp, the estate buildings are in poor condition, and, worst of all, if she marries Kade now, she’ll become a countess, something she’s dead set against. Her heart is torn between her love for Kade and her desire to remain in Texas, where she can be simply Cassie from Dallas. Leaving her ring behind, she returns home to think.

How can she possibly choose between the man she loves dearly—a man who is now an earl in Scotland—and the life she’s always wanted back in Texas? And will Kade be content to simply wait, or will his all-consuming love for his little lass have him doing some thinking of his own?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains elements of power exchange and old-fashioned discipline. If these offend you, please do not purchase this book.